Something magical happened this weekend. I went to sleep to sunglasses and flip flops and woke up to cardigans and booties and everything pumpkin spice (just kidding- I’m not actually a fan- crazy talk, I know). With the change in season, comes a much awaited closet swap. Does anyone else get sick of dressing for one season? By about February, I’m all legging and sweatered out but when August comes around I’m so tired of shaving my legs that shorts are a hassle. (Speaking of which, how did I end up with so much hair on my legs and so little on my head- this doesn’t seem fair somehow!)

With the season change, I feel a certain inspiration to dig into my closet and restyle everything. Okay, not everything. But, I did style this summer-y dress three walls for fall. Another thing that happens at season changes (mostly Fall and Spring): brands change their lines over for the new season. What does that mean? Really good shopping. Or, if you’re a blogger: a whole heck of a lot of shipments. Seriously, it seems like new goodies are coming in daily right now in the form of shoe boxes and cozy fashion.

The Dress: Gozon (I used my code MOMMYINFLATS20 to get 20% off my entire order)

Full disclosure, I didn’t dig very deep into my closet to put these looks together (accessories aside) since I got a few deliveries that inspired this post. Starting with that dress. I know, it’s summer, but I had to buy it and I used my code MOMMYINFLATS20 over at Gozon to get 20% my entire order so it was very reasonably priced. I have striped dresses and really I should have resisted but the drop shoulder and slouchy look got me. I was surprised to realize it’s actually ribbed as I didn’t notice when looking online (a hazard of online shopping) but after I got over the initial surprise (I don’t like surprises), I actually really like that it’s ribbed and bonus- I already had a cotton striped dress so now the purchase is validated- I needed one of these.

Look One:

Bomber jacket: Liverpool Jeans (similar); Sandals: c/o Roan; Bag: c/o Tall Pine Mercantile

Next, I am an ambassador for Aventura clothing and I got a rather large shipment from them including this gorgeous wrap sweater and faux fur vest. Add to that shoes from here and there, and I was ready for mega post including all the good fall things and maybe a little fashion inspiration for you. I don’t usually shoot more than one look at a time but I made an exception for this one since it just included changing shoes, outerwear, and accessories. And, really that’s all you need to keep wearing your favorite things over and over without getting bored. It helps if you choose things that all go together.

Look Two:

Cardigan: c/o Aventura Clothing (use code MOMMYINFLATS for 20% off your first purchase); Bag: c/o Latico Leathers (use code MIF20 for 20% off your entire purchase); Booties: c/o ABEO from The Walking Company

When you’re shopping, keep a color palette in the back of your mind. It will make getting dressed easy because your tops and bottoms will be interchangeable. As for outerwear, try to choose neutral basics. For example, I have a heavy dark grey peacoat, a dark tan moto jacket, a blue jean bomber, and a black raincoat. These are all neutrals and they go with anything in my wardrobe. Other neutrals that you can’t go wrong with are ivory, olive green, and navy blue. One thing to keep in mind with blue is you may or may not love it with your blacks, so if your wardrobe is heavy in black you may want to steer clear of navy or vice versa. Then again, if you like the two together, go for it.

Look Three:

Vest: c/o Aventura Clothing (use code MOMMYINFLATS for 20% off your first order); Bag: c/o Tall Pine Mercantile; Boots: c/o ABEO from The Walking Company

If you’re struggling what to wear while the sun decides to make up its mind if it’s going to shine or not, here are three pieces you need in your closet (plus booties- you need at least one pair- you’re welcome).

  1. Vest. The best fall accessory. Extra plus for this one because it’s reversible and I can see it making it into winter with that faux fur.

  1. Cardigan. Pick something soft and warm. I love this wrap cardigan from Aventura Clothing. It’s a soft black (charcoal?) and perfect for snuggling weather. Plus, the wrap option gives you the feel of a scarf without an extra accessory.

  2. Jean Jacket. Every closet needs a jean jacket and I love this bomber because it’s structured and fitted in the denim but has all the style of a bomber!

Before I go, let’s talk shoes for a second. Booties vs. Boots vs. Shoedals. This is really a weather led decision. The booties are perfect for any temp since they can be worn without socks but plenty of room for warm fuzzy winter ones. Open toes are for breezy not freezing temps. While, mid calf boots are definitely more late fall/winter vibes especially in the suede (I have a pair of leather ones coming that are ah-maz-ing and are perfect from the first moment the leaves hit the ground (and well beyond)- I’ll show you those soon.

All this is for naught if you’re somewhere like Canada where it’s already snowing or Australia where you’re just transitioning to summer again. But, if you’re in the good old US and happen to be a little southern, now you know how to fallify your summer dresses (I showed you with a maxi last week 😉 or at least you know how I do it!

PS If this post makes no sense, I’m sorry. I wrote it while at home alone with two toddler boys. My brain is only at about 10% of it’s normal function. Mamas of boys- you know what I’m saying (I say boys, though I do know some girls are quite busy too, that simply wasn’t my experience- I had two calm girls and then two little tornadoes).


  1. You’re looking so cute while also making me so incredibly jelly lol! Honestly it’s somehow gotten so cold here recently that I can’t stand to have bare legs and I’m living in sweaters… I actually had this cute outfit picked out the other day with a lovely high waisted skirt and adorable tights and I was so excited to wear it until that morning. It was so cold that I just said screw it and wore pants hahaha! I even had to turn the heat on at work that day! I’m not ready ?☃️?.

    I’ve put all my dresses away. We won’t be hanging out again until next year. But I will stare dreamily at yours. You look amazing!

    Sending tons of love,


  2. I love how you styled this dress, definitely reaffirms that you need two striped dresses ? My favorite is the new wrap, it just looks so cozy which is exactly what I need right now. It’s pretty chilly in my house this morning, fall is definitely here. I can’t wait to see your new boots! ❤

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