I was wandering down the aisles of Target with my friend the other day, when she stopped and picked up a blouse. Quizzically, she said “I really don’t get the cold shoulder look, I mean I like my shoulders but I’m not sure I want to accentuate them like that.” I laughed and said “I just ordered a dress with cold shoulders, so I guess we’ll see.” Truth be told, it wasn’t my first choice but someone I kind of like (read my husband) picked it out of the options I presented him with from Pink Blush. And, if I’m not dressing for him, for whom am I dressing? 

Here’s what though, the dress is so comfy. It’s a soft jersey material in a dusky blush. It kind of floats over my skin in a soft, silky way. One thing to note is that this type of fabric, though soft tends to wrinkle either. A quick mist and a tumble in the dryer fixes that right up. I find all the clothes worth wearing tend to wrinkle eventually, so it’s a small price to pay. The dress is the perfect length for date night out or a day running after small children or maybe even a little of both. The crocheted back gives a modest glimpse of skin. How about the cold shoulder look? Read on. 

The verdict on cold shoulders: they’re cute and flirty and a little bit southern. I feel like this style is more at home in a field of wildflowers than a city street (but tune in tomorrow to see if first impressions last). It gives me a definite cowgirl feel that could be accentuated with the right accessories. It’s soft and feminine with just a little ruffle thrown in there. Does this style have staying power? I don’t know. I feel like it may be a fad but what fun is fashion if you don’t give into the fads once in a while. 

Over the next three days, I’m going to show you this dress three ways- anyway you style it, it’s feminine, flirty, and oh so comfy (have I mentioned it has pockets?!?!). 

Up first: Country Chic

This dress is very flowy. Which is great, I love flowy. A lot. But, I felt like it could use some structure. Enter the belt. It defines the waist but keeps the drape (which by the way is amazing) and flutters of the dress.

I wanted to go a bit cowgirl so I threw on some suede booties and they were perfect for two reasons. One, look at them, they’re like the perfect casual chic neutral shoes. Two, as soon as we left the house to go shoot this it started raining. We’re not talking about a little rain either, we’re talking torrential downpours. It wasn’t going to deter me, because, well, I’m a mom and I put on makeup and curled my hair (totally a sure fire way to bring on the rain). If I got a little wet in the process, well, at least I was wearing the right shoes for it. 

The last element for this look was casual accessories. As you’ll notice over the next few days, I went gold. Even though I’m usually a white gold, even sometimes rose, girl, I felt like this dress screamed for the warm tone of yellow gold. Here, I kept the accessories understated- a pair of gold modified hoops, a beautiful vintage ring, and a wrap bracelet. Tomorrow, you’ll see what happens when I go a little less understated (sometimes more is more right?). 

Until then, here’s what happens when it rains on your photo shoot: you dance! 

Dress: Pink Blush

Shoes: Sofft, similar

Belt: Mossimo 

Earrings: Loft

***I received this dress as a part of Pink Blush’s ambassador program but all reviews and opinions are my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. To keep the integrity and authenticity of my blog, I do not accept money in exchange for reviews.***


  1. Cold shoulders are especially nice for someone with heavier arms who likes to have their upper arms covered but still have a bit of the tank top feel of sun on their shoulders.
    Love the color of this dress!

    1. Thank you aunt Peggy. It really is a flattering look! I was not sure about the open shoulders but I’m sold. Plus, I kind of like the southern charm to it too.

  2. I haven’t found a “cold shoulder” look that suits me personally, so I’m not fully sold on it for me. But, this dress looks amazing on you!

    1. Awww thank you! I’m kind of broad shouldered for my frame so it may be that it only flatters certain body types. One thing I like about this style is that the sleeves flutter so attractively. I feel like it may flatter a lot of shapes!

    1. There are longer lengthed versions I’m sure! But, it is not the most…sophisticated look- which is why (spoiler alert) part 3 features a mini version of the dress.

  3. Very cute. I think that color never looks bad on anyone – the universal good-look color! And pockets in a dress are the best.

    1. Yes!! I love the pockets. That’s a thing on Pink Blush. A lot of their dresses have pockets and I love it!!!

    1. Oh thank you for the sweet compliment! I love pink so I’ve been working on making all shades work for years- my verdict is that pale is in ?

    1. Oooh it’s so comfy- do you post (Instagram, Facebook, blog?) I’d love to follow!

  4. I think this dress is super cute on you. I love the color and boots! I feel like my shoulder are too broad for this dress, but I love it.

    1. You know! I tend to be broad shouldered compared to the rest of me. You might be surprised! I think because it flows so well- it doesn’t accentuate the broadness as much as if it were fitted all the way through.

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