When you think accessories, what comes to mind? Earrings, a belt, a headband? I bet you’d never think of this. The Kimono. I know you’re saying but that’s like a sweater not an accessory. But, hear me out for a second. 

What does an accessory do? It takes an outfit from blah to wow. A great pair of earrings can change the flow of your face. A belt can transform a too long dress (like it did for me here- hey I’m short) into the perfect length dress. What do accessories do most though? They add a pop of something to what you’re wearing. From texture to color, accessories can change the feel of a whole outfit. And, this is why I’m calling the Kimono the best accessory of Spring/Summer fashion 2017. It can dress up the little black dress or accent a casual Graphic Tee (coming later this month). You can wear it draped like a shawl or up like a sweater. Knot it, tie it, fold it: the options are endless. 

I’m going to show you two ways to dress up a basic outfit with a simple floral Kimono. 

The Little Black Dress meets Gauzy Floral. First up, let’s take a look at the LBD. It’s a basic wardrobe staple. Everyone should have at least one simple, understated dress in her closet. Why? Because it’s simple to dress down with a light cardi and some flats or up with a pair of wedges (as close as I get to heels) and an updo. 

Here, I was going out to dinner for a date with my hubby. We ended up going for a stroll downtown and then to the restaurant where we went on our first date almost 10 years ago (don’t ask me how old I am- old enough not to tell you;). It was breezy but warm which made this light cover up perfect and the flow was fabulous in the wind. Another fun element is adding a pair of colored shoes that match your Kimono. One thing I absolutely love here is that the Kimono is colorful but understated so it goes with everything. My deep red shoes hit just the right pop of color with the soft floral hues. 

Overall, I’d say this style was a hit. It was comfortable and sophisticated while still being fun and comfy. 

***Money saving tip: find a basic black dress for less on sale at a moderately priced store. I bought this dress for under $20 on sale. This leaves you more money to invest in wardrobe wow pieces like the Kimono and shoes. I’m a girl who loves a sale but I also know when to splurge. The LBD is so basic, you can find a quality piece almost anywhere. Accessories and shoes can dress up many outfits so you can wear them time and again.

Mixing Patterns and Dressing up Basic Shorts. The thing I love about this next look is how the faded floral hits just the right note of casual chic with these striped shorts and the simple white shirt with a twist (literally, I’m loving the collar on this wardrobe staple that I’ve had for more years than I can remember). I love that the bold stripes stand out against the light floral pattern of the Kimono. 

Add on the bright yellow shoes (yellow is always a hot summer color) and I feel like this outfit hits on all cylinders: bright pop of color, check; soft florals, check; stripes, check. 

***Money saving tip: check your wardrobe for pieces that are neutral and classic before you go shopping for the season. Would you rather spend your money on yet another white shirt or an on trend accessory like the Kimono? This way you can spice up your wardrobe with a few trendy pieces without breaking the bank. 

Both base outfits are basic chic, comfortable, neutral wardrobe staples, add the Kimono and take them to a whole different level. Think that’s the only way you can wear this summer’s best accessory? Think again. Coming up later this season, the Kimono dresses up a Graphic Tee and doubles as a beach cover up! 

Kimono: PinkBlush 

Little Black Dress: Old Navy

Red Wedges: Earth

Shirt: old from Ann Taylor Loft

Shorts: Target

Yellow Kitten Heels: Earth (on sale now)  


  1. Wow, it’s so versatile! And I love that no matter if your size fluctuates, like having a little one, it can remain a staple in your closet!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    1. Yes! It would be perfect for pregnancy too because it’s so flowy and it would make a nice nursing cover because it’s so light (it is opaque but I think it would be enough to modestly cover you!).

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