And buttercups and fashion. Now that we’ve said goodbye to May, it’s time to start looking ahead to what’s coming up in the summer fashion scene. And, I have one word for you: floral. There are several trends (that you can see me discuss soon as a fashion guest blogger over at hitting the scene. One thing they have in common is floral print. From bold hues to vintage pastels, floral is everywhere.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to show you my take on this season’s trends through a flowery lens: from casual chic to elegant and everything in between. You can go monochromatic with a floral lace top or hit the rainbow for a funkier vibe. But, one thing you can’t do is go wrong with this season’s hottest fad.

First up: the casual swing dress.

Before we dive into the pictures (we had fun with this one on our date morning out so there are a few), I want to tell you about this particular dress. It’s floral so check there and it’s a tank swing which is two checks in my book as I love sleeveless and pretty necklines! It also has pockets. We all know how I feel about pockets. And, the last thing to note is that it’s made out of a stretchy soft jersey. Are we seeing a trend in my wardrobe? Cute clothes that look dressed up and feel like yoga pants. Check and check. This dress hits pretty much all the marks from color to flow. And, we loved driving around hitting a few new photo taking spots as you’ll see- we couldn’t just pick one! 

Let’s take a minute to talk about how to choose a Swing Dress:

Style: The swing dress is flowy with no defined waist. That doesn’t mean there’s only one design. This cut comes in multiple styles from the t-shirt swing to the scoop neck sleeveless swing to my favorite: the tank swing. I like the high neckline on me because it balances out the short hemline of the skirt. However, if you go with a longer length (the swing dress is generally short but can sometimes hit the knee or a little below), a scooped neckline might be in order. The tee dress is another popular design this season and you can’t go wrong with the flowy design and modest top.

Color: Finding the perfect swing dress is all about color. This trend can go either way: elegant and chic or casual and funky. Which route you take is totally up to you and what occasion you’re dressing for. I love both. And, I have both a classic black dress and some bold florals. If I’m being honest though, I love the florals just a little bit more. The thing to remember with either is that you can dress it up or dress it down by adding neutral or bright accessories. Focus on choosing a color that you love and the possibilities for styling will be endless. 

No matter what style or color you pick make sure you swing because this dress is made for dancing. So, dust off your heels, throw on your favorite lip color, and crank up the tunes and just dance.

Dress: c/o Gozon

Cardigan: c/o Gozon (it’s the kimonigan again- see it’s fantastic with dresses and shorts!) 

Shoes: Josef Seibel 

Bag: Old Navy (This bag is a cheapie, and I’ll be honest, it’s wearing about how a cheap bag does. I’m on the hunt for a leather replacement. Don’t expect this buy to last for more than a season or two but for the price, you can’t complain much- but you can invest in a nicer piece that lasts years and that’s what I would suggest.) 

Sunnies: Ray Ban, similar for less


  1. Love it with the pink cover up. The dress is super cute. Wish they made such cute stuff for breastfeeding moms.

    1. There are a couple of brands that have nursing friendly dresses! I lived in maxi skirts when I was nursing though. I think pink blush might have some options. My friend over at sports a ton of nursing friendly options!

    1. Oh thank you ❤️ that’s so sweet! It’s amazing how much better I feel when I get dressed and put together!

  2. Love this adorable dress!!! It’s super cute by itself or with the sweater! I bet it would be cute with a jean jacket as well!

    1. You’re so right!!! I am still on the search for my favorite jean jacket…haven’t found it yet (mostly because I’ve been searching at target probably haha ?‍♀️)

    1. Thank you ❤️ I’m loving everything Floral right now! I may have a black thumb but at least I can wear my flowers ?

  3. I love this print! Absolutely adorable! This summer I am going to be in maxi dresses and skirts to be able to breastfeed and watch all of you darling mamas enjoy your chic sundresses!:)

    1. Awww I was with you the last two summers! This summer I’m nursling free and though I wanted to nurse (long story) long term- it is nice not to have to worry about clothes (not the reason I stopped but I’m turning lemons into lemonade here ?)- I am featuring some nursing friendly outfits soon- a wrap dress what would be perfect and some more ways to wear the graphic tee without looking like a mom!!!

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