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I haven’t posted about the kids in a while. And, that’s just because we’re so busy that getting them to sit still seems like a chore. The other day, we finally had a minute of calm between running from one activity to the next (when you have a household of six, it doesn’t seem like you’re ever sitting still even if it’s only that you’re running to routine appointments). And, do you want to know why this mama got a minute? This

Headphones c/o CozyPhones. I’m proud to support this Veteran owned company. See my Beautiful Brands page for more information about their company and why you should feel good about supporting this small business.

Ahhhh…do you hear that? Nope, me neither. And, that’s perfect because life lately. I think it’s been a good solid couple months since there was not a sick person in this house. The We are the Face of Motherhood Campaign has been amazing but it was intense. Posting daily was so hectic. Amazing. Exhilarating. Exhausting. Then, there was the excitement (or was it trepidation, I still haven’t decided) of the daily mail article and throw in some casual house hunting (or not so casual: we made an offer, they accepted, we got cold feet- we’re talking ice- and we’re back to square one). Phew, I feel like I haven’t sat down to breathe since April, oh heck let’s be honest since I had baby HeyJ last year (that’s right he’s turning the big O-N-E this month). 

You can imagine, I need a break. That’s hard to come by when you have four littles always underfoot and chattering in your ear. So, when the baby sleeps (which he only does occasionally, sigh), it’s quiet time (and if mama has hot coffee and a donut- so much the better). Sometimes, getting those kids to sit still and do something, much less something quiet, seems near impossible. Even when I send them to our toy store…er…I mean basement, the shrieking and squealing and general discontent (are my kids the only ones who seem to bicker constantly?), gets to me. 

If there’s something that will give me a moment of peace and quiet- to myself especially- I’m going to take it. Some days we are a games and painting and running around outside family. And, some days we all just need a break. I don’t love the idea of constant unsupervised electronic time, so the midday iPad playing is a rare (okay, okay maybe not *that* rare) treat. What makes it even better is that I don’t have to listen to it. Should I not have typed that out loud? But, ya know, sometimes I get so overwhelmed with the constant noise. I can’t hear myself think and that can be frustrating for a writer or really any mama.

I can hear myself now: 

“Stop talking. Stop chewing. Stop fighting and crying. Stop throwing things. Seriously, mama needs a break!” 

Let me just sit here and soak in the moments of quiet. The kids have full bellies and full hearts. They are snuggled together in their comfy kid area (check out those awesome throw/floor pillows they’re using at Floor Bloom, a mom run small business with big ideas). They are playing educational (or maybe not so educational, I’ll let you wonder) games. They’re oh so cozy. And, let me tell ya, so am I! Thanks, CozyPhones, you don’t know how much peace a little quiet can bring. 

PS Other common uses for CozyPhones in our house: sleep aids, headbands (you will often find the cords tucked away in the top to allow for comfortable wear), outings where we need quiet time (like my doctor appointments- I have quite a few so it’s really helpful), a calming mechanism when the kids are overstimulated, just jamming on a normal day. These and so many more uses (they even make them for adults and I need a pair or two- I tried the unicorn pair one day and they were so…well…cozy!). 

Unicorn headphones c/o CozyPhones

Monster headphones c/o CozyPhones

Purple Frog headphones c/o CozyPhones (on sale right now for $14.97 plus use the code SLEEP for 5% off your order and as always shipping is free!!)

Flower Pillows c/o Floor Bloom

***I sometimes receive complimentary items to review but all opinions are my own. I do not make any money off your purchase but these are companies I love and support for all sorts of reasons. Please consider making your next purchase through one of my favorite veteran owned or woman run small businesses. Because when you support small business you’re putting food on the table not padding a CEO’s pocket.***


  1. What a great invention! Brilliant that it’s cozy for kids, and easier to keep on than normal headphones! Plus they look adorable!

    1. They are so adorable and they make them for adults too- perfect for those of us with insomnia- listening to books helps me fall asleep and these are so much of a better option than those uncomfortable (and hearing damaging in my opinion) earbuds!

    1. They are!!! We love everything about them- be sure to check out our giveaway on Instagram!

    1. They’re so comfy- I love them and so do the kiddos. I need a pair for me!! Can I enter my own giveaway ??

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