Forget the costumes, that’s what halloween is all about: sugar and more sugar. We’re not strict about sugar in our house. In fact, I have a whole stash of fruit snacks and lollipops. But, you know what I hate? A whole bag full of enough sugar to kill a small whale. Okay, maybe not that much. But still, I hate Halloween candy. I usually just hide it and it ends up forgotten and thrown away months later. Then, I heard of the switch witch

What is the switch witch you might ask? It’s a magical being who comes and divests your children of candy and leaves a toy. You know what I hate more than Halloween candy?? Cleaning up my kid’s toys. So, instead of toys, our witch brings functional things. Well, she did our first year, which was only last year. And, she’s continuing her trend. So, what’s functional and fun???? Rain boots. I kid you not my littles loved them last year and I loved them because of how much use they got. I bought my oldest a pair of horse covered ones by Western Chief and she has worn the heck out of them, yet they look almost new. 

Last year, I filled the rain boots with some pokeballs and little figures. The kids ate them up, no pun intended. This year, I’m serving rain boots with a side of Chomp. I mean, that’s fitting right? Maybe I’ll even leave them a piece of candy or two because you know what they’re not getting? Toys…no, I’m saving those for Christmas (stay tuned because I have a whole slew of ideas for you for St. Nicholas day through December 25). The great thing about these lunch boxes is that they open up to be a plate and close up to be a nifty animal. My kids aren’t even going to know they’re getting jipped out of toys. Just look at those boots, there are going to be little faces pressed to windows praying for rain just so they can wear them. 

The best thing about the switch witch is that you can foist her on unsuspecting friends via your children. “Hey, so what did the switch witch bring you last year? Oh you didn’t leave your candy out? Do it this year, she’ll bring you a toy…or rain boots.” But, seriously, my three year old cried today because he thought we forgot his boots at the park. Now, those are some well loved boots let me tell ya.

So, I have this question for you- what’s your switch witch bringing? At least here, it’s not a sugar coma! 

Flowered Rain Boots: c/o Western Chief

Butterfly Rain Boots: c/o Western Chief

Cowboy Rain Boots: c/o Western Chief

Dragon Rain Boots: c/o Western Chief

Animal Lunchboxes: c/o Chomp

Other non-toy ideas for your Switch Witch: 

made-to-be shoes 

Apple Park Kids animal shaped backpack 

Art Supplies and notebook for drawing

Usborne educational books

Science experiments from Steve Spangler (40% off your first order of STEM deluxe subscription the full month of October)

Magazine subscription to S’more Science Magazine

Movie theatre gift card 

Board games



  1. The Switch Witch is a super creative idea. My daughter is 10 now so she’s a little old but I would have loved it when she was younger. It seems now she is more excited about passing out candy to little kids then actually getting candy for her self. But I always make her a little goodie bag. Maybe this year I’ll include less candy and add some cute sparkly shoes! Yes, she likes anything with BLING…LOL

    1. Right??? Mine too! I’ve got two little bling addicts and they love their made-to-be shoes ❤️

  2. I think my little now wants to trick-or-treat for the sole reason that she can leave the candy for the switch witch! Lol Love the rain boots idea.

  3. This is such a great idea, and switching to longer lasting items is much better in my opinion! We all need to watch our sugar intake!

  4. I love this idea!!! I am going to be doing this!!!! I hate having all that candy in the house, they can have a little bit, but do not need all of it. We don’t even go to that many houses, but they end up with SOOOO much!!!

  5. I love this idea! I wish there were little ones who trick or treated on my street. My highschool used to have a halloween night where there were story stations, and the kids got a little present like a sea shell or piece of apple depending on what the story was about. 🙂 They definitely kept it as sugar free as possible!

  6. Such a cute and original idea! I love gifts that are functional too. I’m going to think about implementing the Switch Witch in our house too. Except, I’m the one who is going to eat all of the candy anyway!

  7. This is actually super creative! I don’t have children but when I do.. the SWITCH WITCH will be riding her broom into my home!!

  8. Great idea! I am all about limiting the candy at Halloween – it gets out of hand so quickly! Go Switch Witch! I’ve never heard of it, but I love the idea because I usually end up throwing out the candy after a couple of weeks anyway. I would much rather have functional items than crap toys too!

  9. Cute idea! I would do it not so much for the sugar (because I love sugar) but more for the fact that I’m the most weary person ever + fear that my child would get the one piece of tampered candy. I think I’ll steal this! My child is only 17 months, but my time will come soon!

  10. Wow, what a great idea! I love the rainboots! I’m not all that fawn of the Halloween candy either but you have a very creative spin. Thanks for sharing!

  11. My daughter isn’t old enough for this yet, but we are definitely doing switch witch when she gets to that point! I already make a point of giving out non-candy treats.

  12. Love this idea! My 10 year old wouldn’t have it but I think this will be a new tradition when the baby is older

  13. Loved the idea of switch witch, really very smart to deal with kids in a happy way. The rain boot idea looked perfect, I’m pretty sure kids would have loved it tons.

  14. UGH I Hate dealing with all the leftover Halloween candy… This is a great idea!!! Rainboots are especially clever – I love functional gifts that kids think are just for fun!!

  15. What cute ideas! We stock up on Zollipops (sugar free lollipops) for Halloween, but definitely like this as well! Thank you!

  16. No candy overdose at our house either so I really love the switch with idea! And no toys other infact but the witch might bring a headlamp for my daughter!?

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