Knock me over with a feather. No, not because I feel like a woman but because the product insiting such a feeling was made for a man. It’s no secret that I enjoy collaborating with brands. It’s a fun way to try a new product and provide inspiration and content for my blog. I never promise a good review and there have been products I’ve had to return because they didn’t work for me. When Harry’s contacted me to try their razor, I was a little confused. Why do they want me to use a man’s razor? Throwing caution to the wind I said, “Send me silver please, and all your products” and that’s just what they did. 

Next, I decided I’d try an experiment and see how long I could go without shaving my legs. I didn’t last long. After three days I was longing to rid myself of the itchy stuff. On day five, I said, enough is enough. Unfortunately, that wasn’t really long enough to give me the cave woman look I was going for with this experiment. But, then a lightbulb went off. The test is not how smooth your razor gets your skin when you’ve let it go to heck, but how it does when you shave everyday. I have extremely sensitive skin, so sensitive that even my hair growing in irritates it. I have ingrown hairs from shaving with my high end (expensive) designed for women razor. I have tried all sorts of brands: one blade, two, four, whatever I can to get my legs smooth and irritation free. Never did it cross my mind to steal my husband’s razor. 

I’m thinking I should have tried a long time ago (and saved so much money, why do they charge so much for the pink handle and why do we continue to buy in?). Or, maybe this was just the perfect opportunity because I hadn’t heard of Harry’s. My husband, however, quickly informed me that they sell them at Target, I guess I just wasn’t looking for men’s razors. Silly me (I say that with a straight face). 

Here’s what. The shave gel is amazing. My only reservation is that the scent is strongly masculine. I hope they come out with an unscented version. I prefer no fragrance when I can get it and think that would appeal to a broad audience. The razor is sturdy and well made. It feels heavy in your hand and I think that weight gives you a little more control. The head doesn’t swivel. The design is no frills, all work. The results? Flawless smooth skin with almost no irritation (every time I shave with my new razor I feel like I’m one step closer to eliminating the razor bumps and ingrown hairs). As a bonus, I feel like my hair is growing in slower or maybe just less irritating because my legs are not protesting between shaves as they were before. 

Now for the real test: my husband. He couldn’t stop touching my legs. We’ve been married for almost 10 years (we got married when I was 16, right?!?! Shhh) and he said my legs are the smoothest they’ve ever been. In hindsight maybe switching to Harry’s wasn’t the best idea, I’m not quite ready for number five. 

Four Steps to getting silky smooth legs:

Step One: Exfoliate. First choose an exfoliating scrub. My favorites? AV Jorden All Natural Sugar Scrub (my favorite scent is Re-java-nate). Or Harry’s Daily Facewash, it touts exfoliating properties and has a nice light scent (side note, it’s a great face wash too). Use a brush to get those stubborn hairs to stand up and slough off dead skin, which gets in the way of a smooth shave. 

Step Two: Apply Shave Gel or Cream. I loved Harry’s gel the best but it does smell very manly. I put my suggestion for an unscented line in and I hope they deliver. My favorite lightly scented cream is EOS Vanilla Bliss (you can find it at most retail stores and online at Target). 

Step Three: Shave. Shave as normal. I figure if it’s sensitive enough for a man’s face, it should work well on my legs. And, I was right. 

Tip: I know you always see women shaving with bended knee. This is a surefire way to get knicks. Straighten your leg to go over your knee with light pressure. Voila, no bandaids needed. 

Step Four: Moisturize. The best way to do this is with an oil or balm. I like AV Jorden unscented cream (made from coconut oil) for my sensitive skin. Harry’s Shave balm has a lightly masculine scent as do the rest of the products but it’s very soothing and absorbs quickly. 

Are you sold yet? I wasn’t either but at Harry’s prices, you can’t go wrong giving it a try. Your legs will thank you later. You’re welcome. 

Harry’s sent me product to test in exchange for my honest review. I did not accept any money for this post and continue to write purely for the love of it. All opinions stated herein are my own (and maybe a little input from the better half). 


  1. It sounds like Harry’s is the way to go to get smoother shaves. I love your shaving tips. Not sure how I went this long while doing it all wrong. I’m keeping bandages in business.

  2. I actually love using a men’s razor when it comes to shaving my legs! It does a way better job in my opinion. I have never heard of Harry’s Products so thank you for the introduction!

  3. Hahaha oh Jamie you crack me up. “Not quote ready for number 5,” ha!! Seriously though, I have yet to find a really good women’s razor so I must give Harry’s a try!

  4. My 8th grade crush nicknamed me his hairy little creature because I had hair every. I still have a mustache I have to tame and look forward to the day when I can afford laser surgery. This looks like a great product for me and my hairy beast of a husband. Great photos by the way!

  5. I just use soap to shave. I’m a bit picky about the products I use. I like to use all natural products and hate using anything that contains chemicals to which I have sensitivities.

  6. I have a friend that swears by their products (she’s a woman). I just started at home laser hair removal, but still need to shave while I’m waiting for the removal to complete. I’ll have to check out their products!

  7. I shave my arms and I felt the same way. They actually come in softer which is opposite of my leg hair. I just do the bottom half and I’ve never looked back. I do use a different razor for my arms though- it’s the kind that has the soap built in.

  8. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of using men’s shaving products for our legs. It makes sense, you’re totally right, if it works on their faces it should work on our legs too! And these products have to be good enough to be used every day.

  9. Great tips. I have gotten to were I hate shaving my legs so much. I have found that exfoliating before hand makes my legs feel shaved longer.

  10. I always use my husbands razor I feel like I get a better shave. But shave gel that makes your hair grow in thinner? I’m sold!

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