Every year, I sit here and wonder…what should I get my husband for Christmas. Every year I either come up blank or get him something that he ultimately ends up not liking and returning. Not this year. This year, I let him pick (see number one). But, a happy man is a happy wife so if you just have to surprise him, choose something that you’ll both get some use out of. These are my top picks for men. 

1. Watch. Whether your guy is into gadgets and you go Apple or more classic- every man needs a wrist watch. I know, you’re saying that’s what we have cell phones for but let me tell ya, it’s the one accessory men have and I haven’t found a man yet who didn’t want one. Look at your guy’s lifestyle and then choose accordingly. A fit watch for the athlete, an I watch for the techie, or a classic style for guys who just want to be able to tell time (such a novel idea I know). 

My pick: Jord. This was husband’s big gift and it’s a show stopper, Jord’s newest style and by far coolest watch yet. CLICK HERE for a free 25% off gift code toward your Jord purchase. 

2. Grooming products. This is a need. Spoil him with some spa quality product whether it’s a special face scrub or new shampoo. It’s an easy way to stuff his stocking and believe me, even men like to feel pampered every once in a while. 

My pick: Harry’s Shave Club (pictured here The Winston Set ) 

3. Graphic Tee. What says Merry Christmas more than a fun graphic tee. Grab one with a catchy phrase or cool design. Make sure to go basic with black or grey. Like this cool car track tee care of Swanky Turtle on Etsy. I loved them so much I had to get one for Dad and grandpa. Bonus: Dad gets a back rub and the kids are occupied- talk about a gift for everyone!

My pick:

For Dad: Swanky Turtle on Etsy (I looked at quite a few of these before settling on this one, I love the feel of the tees and the design is fun and bright but not overpowering, plus, I love that it comes in a variety of colors especially my favorite: gray). 

For Men: Fueled by American Whisky Tee

4. Date subscription box. Okay, this one may be a gift for both of you but believe me he will love it.  It’s not that men don’t want to plan a night out, they just don’t think about it. Buy him a date night and make him take advantage of it with you. A babysitter, a glass of wine, and just the two of you- everyone needs a break, why not take it together? 

My pick: Date Night In Box, Faith Night In Box

5. Pocket Tools. A nice Swiss Army knife with all the attachments. A mini tool set to go in his car. Pick him up something he can stash anywhere (and he will believe me, I find these all over the house) so he always has one handy. This is a win for you too as he won’t be searching high and low for a screw driver next time you need him to fix that wobbly chair. 

My pick: This one I don’t have a favorite so shop sales and scour amazon. You can’t really go wrong with tools.

Okay, so admittedly some of these may be homer gifts (I mean even the watch may be for me so I can say “honey, what time is it”- ah the convenience), but whether they’re gifts for both of you or just for him, he’ll love everything on this list. I know, because it’s what I buy for my own hard to buy for man. Make your man and yourself happy and buy a gift that you can both enjoy.

This post sponsored in part by Harry’s and the Swanky Turtle. They sent me free products in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I love both items and would have paid for them if I didn’t do this blog thing.


  1. I loved your ideas. I always get something that he needs and is useful. Thankfully he doesn’t complain about the choice in products. Saving your post for future reference. 🙂

  2. These are all great ideas! My husband has decided to grow out his beard this year so I’m planning to get him some beard care gear! I love the date night box because it’s for both of you!

    1. Haha mine has an electric razor because he never goes clean shaven so this one is actually for my dad (shhhh!! Don’t tell him ?).

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