She works long hours without any overtime, magically makes clean laundry appear in drawers and sheets on the beds. She snuggles little bodies hot with fever, and cleans up countless messes without a second thought (okay, maybe a second thought when it involves the flu). It’s time to give her something she really wants this Christmas. Not something she needs or could use (you’re not going to see a vacuum on this list), but something to give her just a minute to look at something pretty and breathe. Here are my top picks for gifts for mom 2017.

1. Subscription Box: Something to look forward to every month. I don’t know about you but I love getting little surprises in the mail. Something I didn’t pick myself. It may not always be something I need, but it’s always fun opening it anyway. See my posts on my favorite Night In box and family subscription box.

My Picks: Ipsy, Date Night In, Growing Roots Box.

Us the code “mommyinflats” at Growing Roots to get 10% off your subscription.

2. Watch or Jewelry. This one is very personal. Some women like jewelry and some don’t. As a gift, I prefer jewelry with meaning. Like a charm bracelet or necklace. Something useful like a watch is always good too especially if you look for one that can double as a pretty accessory.

My Picks: Jord Watches, Stella and Dot.

Click here for a 25% off code to use on any watch at Jord Watches.

3. Skin Care, Bath Salts, or Lip Balm. I prefer natural products and sometimes they can be pricey which makes them a perfect gift for Christmas. Last year, my husband stuffed my stocking with my favorite lip balm that I couldn’t get anywhere but online. He bought me a year supply and I’m still enjoying his gift nightly. The other gift that keeps on giving is my Relaxed Cool-ala body cream. Every night before bed, the husband gives me a foot massage (I have insomnia and it’s now a firm part of our nightly routine). Giving a gift with an act of service attached can make it even more special.

My Picks: AV Jorden, Malin+Goetz.

4. Graphic Tees. Everyone knows the momiform consists of a tee and leggings. Give mom some options with fun tees to make her smile when she gets dressed.

My Pick: Hudson Lillian Designs. Head over right now for Cyber Monday sales: 30% off and buy two tees and get a free tote!

5. Gift Certificates to Online Boutiques. Moms don’t have time to shop and when we’re clothing those little bodies that grow so fast, often we’re at the bottom of the list. Online shopping allows for browsing in your pjs with a cup of coffee while the little…angels destroy the family room. See posts on my favorite online boutiques: Aventura, Mint Julep, Gozon.

My Picks: Aventura ClothingMint JulepGozon, and Zappos.

Use code “mommyinflats20” for 20% off your order at Gozon. Sign up for the mailing list to get a $10 off coupon at Mint Julep. Remind mom to utilize these savings to get the best bang for her buck!

After a day filled with “I wants” and wiping little bottoms, Mom deserves a few minutes to pamper herself or at least 30 seconds and these gifts will help her do just that.



  1. Yes! Love these gift ideas for moms! I think a subscription box is the best idea 🙂 who wouldn’t want a special gift in the mail every month.

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