The sun is about to begin its journey into semi- hibernation here in the USA but before it did, we decided to have one last hurrah. When I had my last baby, I decided I wasn’t going to go on any vacations until after he was a year. This was going to fix sleep problems and help us relax and be chill. Then, I started a blog, nonprofit, decided to move, decided not to move…well, you get the idea. Long story short, we hadn’t been to the beach in two years. How I missed the ocean. Let me tell ya though, the beach with four kids? Not as glamorous as it sounds, or maybe it is. I’m no longer calling trips vacation. Relaxing? No. Exercises in patience and sleep deprivation. Yes. 

Back to the main topic of our conversation: the beach. The sand, the waves, the sun, the fashion. There was nothing more fun on our stay than throwing on a gorgeous outfit and feeling the sand beneath my toes. When I shot these I thought- this will be the focus of my next 5×5 and then I realized: summer is fading quickly (going, going, gone along with peach milkshakes and lazy pool days). Instead, I decided to show you my two favorite beach looks and give you a sneak peek of what I’m going to do for my first fall 5×5 (coming September 29-October 6). That is, take these same looks (and more) from beach ready to leaf crunching with a twist (sometimes literally) or two. Stay tuned. 

Until then, soak up these last few summer like days (I know, I know, Autumn is officially here but in my part of the country the sun sticks around for just a few more weeks). Get ready to take on the Fall without ditching your summer wardrobe. Remember: shop consciously and spend less, wear what you love, and save the planet (or at least your pocketbook).

Tie Dye Purple Maxi: c/o Mint Julep

Grey Flower Child Maxi: c/o Mint Julep

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  1. I love the grey flower child maxi! That one would work perfecrtly into a 5×5 for me. If I get a chance to pull on together this fal, that is.

    1. Right? My cousin who has 5 mostly grown kids says it’s not any better. Haha thanks for the hope right??

  2. Let me start by saying you look beautiful and rested. The first dress I would wear for a date night it is so beautiful! Second, I know what you mean about beach time with kids…we went to the beach this summer for a whole week…did not like it so much but the kids had a blast, 🙂

    1. Yes! I love both dresses but the grey one is so elegant and just the cut of it makes me (and my husband swoon- for different reasons haha).

  3. What beach is this?! Gorgeous photos! We are getting our last glimpse of summer here in the Pacific Northwest- boot and sweaters soon enough. I will miss maxi season!

    1. It’s Virginia! First time we stayed in a house down there and it was absolutely beautiful! And, so quiet and relaxing…other than the four kids ?

  4. The beach is one of my favourite places. It’s good for the soul.? I’m so glad you got to go! And those dresses are lovely. You rock them both so well ^^.

  5. I love these dresses on you girl! No seriously that grayish blue has got to be the coolest color and you make it look even more whimsical and free by photographing it by that gorgeous water. I just love anything you love, what can I say! Your a stunner.

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