Apples and cinnamon, warm vanilla sugar, pumpkin spice, and crisp leaves crunching under your boot covered feet. What’s your favorite thing about fall? Is it the sound of the wind pushing the leaves from the branches or the flickering glow of candles peeking out the eyes of carefully carved pumpkins? For me, it’s all that and so much more. Cozy sweaters, jeans, and warm leather boots. 

What’s Fall looking like on the Runway? Oh, you thought I was going to tell you? Only if it’s a diaper lined, oh so tired themed, catwalk, strobing to the beat of Moana with scenes from Paw Patrol flashing across the giant screens. But here’s what I’m looking forward to wearing this fall anyway on the mommy runway of life. 

1. Jumpsuits. Like the romper took over the summer scene this year, jumpsuits are on the fall fashion horizon. There are so many to choose from but my favorite picks are neutral colors, classic designs, and comfy flowy fabrics. This flowy piece from Gozon is my fave because you can layer it with tanks, tees, and sweaters. Here I paired it with another fall trend favorite: a velvet bodysuit. 

Fall 2017 style watch: This trend has 2017 written all over it. No matter how you jump into it, you can’t do it wrong. But, if you want to keep it basic to last for years to come, go with a classic color like black or grey and keep the shape long and flowing. 

2. Jeggings. This is probably not a forever trend as Jean shapes go in and out with the change of the year. However, it’s a trend I’m loving. My favorite way to wear? High waisted. I have a pair from Svelte. They’re the most perfect pair of denim leggings I’ve ever put on and the first pair of high waisted buttonless legging jeans I’ve found. (Read more on that here.) 

Fall 2017 style watch: Jeggings that really are leggings. Look for styles with high waists and no zippers or buttons. The closer to a real legging, the better. 

Jeggings: c/o Svelte 

3. Booties, the boot’s little sister. I love boots. They’re big, they’re cozy, they’re perfect for traipsing around in the snow and hiking through the woods. However, before we hit knee length boot season (or half-calf in my case because boy am I short), we need something in between. Meet the bootie. It can compliment everything from your sweet distressed denim to maxi dresses and everything in between. 

Fall 2017 style watch: My favorite new (old) trend in booties are the lace up style. And, don’t forget the suede and tapered heels for a throw back to styles past (retro is always in). 

Dress: c/o Bailey Rose & Co. (use code mommyinflats20 for 20% off your order)

Black Lace Up Booties: c/o Rockport

4. Oversized cardigans. What I love about the cardigan (and, I love it every season, not just the fall but there’s something about switching seasons that has me pulling all the cardis to the front of the closet) is how it stretches your closet. You can take pretty much any dress, tank top, or skirt, add a cardigan and your Fall-ifyed. I mean you’re also mom-ifyed and here’s how to avoid the mom cardi rut: choose long, flowing cardis. Skip buttons. Belt it. However you sport it, cozy up because cardis are one trend that’s not going out of style. Here’s a favorite for fall from Asterisk Boutique (that I’m wearing above). 

Fall 2017 style watch: Elbow patches. One thing unique about cardis this season are the elbow accents. It’s like your grandfather’s sweater minus the cigar smoke. 

Cardigan: c/o Pink Blush

5. Flowy Maxis. By far my favorite trend of Fall 2017 is the maxi. Long sleeved or short, they’re all the rage. I love pairing one with a cardi to take a summer dress into crisper temps. 

Fall 2017 Style Watch. I adore shapeless dresses, they just have so much potential. Belt it, knot it, tie it, whatever way you choose, wear it because it’s hot hot hot this fall. 

From left to right: c/o Mint Julep, c/o Pink Blush, Asterisk Boutique, Gozon (similar), Pink Blush

Bonus Trend
: Lace, Embroidery, and Texture. It’s everywhere right now. My favorite ways to wear lace are layering under your favorite comfy sweater. Or lace accents on dresses, shirts, and even pants. Other textures popular this fall are suede, velvet, or leather. 

Fall 2017 style watch: Lace accents look fab on sleeves and they’re super popular right now. It also takes a piece from basic to wow with a simple flip of the arm. Or go head to toe in velvet, suede or leather to spice up your look. Like this anything but boring basic tee dress from Altar’d State

There you have it, my take on the coming trends. Some of you may be exclaiming, but I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer! But, this autumn chica is already ordering Halloween costumes and dreaming of warm cider by the campfire- in my denim leggings, cozy cardi, and leather booties of course. 

Brands featured: 

Asterisk Boutique

Pink Blush

Bailey Rose & Co  (use code “mommyinflats20” to get 20% off your order)

Gozon (use code “mommyinflats20” to get 20% off your order)


***Some of these brands I work with and some I just love but all of them carry high quality products. I do not receive money for my posts and all opinions are my own. 


  1. I absolutely love wearing over sized cardigans in the fall!
    i always pair them with a tshirt (in case i do get warm) a scarf, and a nice pair of boots!
    cant wait for the cooler weather

  2. Love the elbow patch look so much, I saw that it was making a little sneaky comeback last season but so glad that it’s still on trend this season. I’ve already pulled all my fall wear out and said buh bye to summer shorts. My favorite part of fall is the leaves turning and the outfits..oh the outfits are the best.

    1. Amen on the outfits! So much fun. I think I was kind of still oblivious in newborn land last fall and more focused on which diaper bag I’d end up with than what was on trend. This season, I’m loving the transition. I’m with you on the bye bye shorts!

  3. Cute! I love the mustard cardigan – so perfect for fall. The rest of the outfits look super cute for this time of the year, too!

  4. I LOVE booties and cardigans! My closet is like 80% fall and winter so I have lots to choose from – but I love those booties you have featured!

    1. I love pieces that I can wear all year long so I was just trying to switch out my wardrobe and realized I never took my winter out and the rest except maybe 10 pieces was fall/winter friendly ?‍♀️ I love Rockport. They’re so comfy!

  5. Dress overload. I literally love all of them and love how you get creative with styling them. I haven’t thought of carrying them over to the fall season. I need to find that long sleeve pink on from pinkblush I think you said, how gorgeous!

  6. I was just doing a little online shopping and had my eye on a dress with lace details. Yay for being on trend! 🙂 My favorite thing on this list is definitely a cozy oversized cardigan, especially one with pockets!

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