Knock knock…

Who’s there? 


Olive who?? 

Olive YOU. 

That’s pretty much how I feel about olive right now, especially for fall. It gives me all the loving feels. I first saw olive floating around last spring and thought, nah, not my favorite color. I think I may have even used the word drab. When I first went to order this dress, I was thinking navy all the way. But, after seeing it and wearing it, I’m sold. I was meant to live in olive green (who knew?). 

With Fall looming on the horizon, it’s almost time to start thinking hottest Autumn fashion trends. This season, I don’t think we can avoid talking colors. There’s a whole new palette of neutrals from creamy tans to soft blush. But, the most surprising neutral might be this subdued green. I can get to neutral with off whites for sure and pink isn’t far off but green? How did that happen. But, think about it. The staples have always been colors like black, brown, and navy. Well, they’re fading to the background to make way for slightly richer hues and olive is right there in the forefront. 

What else to say about olive? It’s the color of this dress and let me tell you everything from the “made in the USA” stamped label to the flowy drape is perfect. I love the ties at the shoulder because get this- they really untie which makes this piece super functional. You can let it loose layered over a tank or tie it up to be Sunday ready. We’ve talked about the flowy dress fad before and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. Usually I feel the need to cinch the waist, but not with this one. It fell just right the way it was and it went with my jean jacket like a dream (favorite fall coat potential right there). 

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of olive in the fall line up this year mixed in with rich burgundy and deep browns. Olive may be the newest neutral and this season’s stand out shade. 

Dress: Gozon Use code MOMMYINFLATS for 20% off your entire order

Jacket: Liverpool 

Shoes: Rieker 


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