Conscious fashion means planning your purchases carefully. It means picking quality items from reliable sources. But, it also means, considering who you’re supporting when you buy an item. I love finding a way to shop for things I’ll love wearing again and again, but also helping out a real person (not that CEOs aren’t real people right? They’re just off driving their Teslas while I’m over here in my Odyssey with juiceboxes hanging out in the cup holders). I love supporting people, especially moms, and that’s exactly what I found in Bailey Rose and Co. You might be wondering who they are, what they’re about, and why you should check out their boutique (and this amazing dress). Not long ago, so did I.

Let me tell you…or rather, let them. I sat down (at my computer albeit, but we’re moms who’s got time for anything else?) and chatted with the ladies behind the company. Here’s a little about them, the brand they sell, and what makes them stand out (they may not have any unicorns but I think they have a whole lot more).

***Before we begin, connect with this small company on Facebook, Instagram, and join their exclusive Facebook Group to stay up to date on all the newest styles and offers (PS CLICK HERE and get started with the code “mommyinflats20” to save 20% on your order, believe me, it’s worth it!).

Mommy in Flats: What does the name “Bailey Rose” mean?

Kelly: Bailey is my maiden name and Rose is Harmony’s maiden name.  When I got married, I really struggled with losing my identity.  At that time is was largely my name, but as kids came along it was other things too.  Since this is a company focused on moms, I think it’s a perfect fit.

MiF: How did the two of you meet?

Kelly: We both were hired to work for the same start-up back in 2016.  It is history since then:)

Harmony: We connected pretty quickly at our old job.  We knew back then that we would someday venture to do something together. We dabbled with other ideas such as a wedding planning business and finally created something  we both love, fashion and connecting with like minded moms!

MiF: Why did you decide to open a small business together?

Kelly: We have talked about opening our own business almost as long as we have known each other.  We are both very entrepreneurial.  We have come up with almost a dozen different ideas before we landed on this one.  We have always wanted to use the name Bailey Rose though.

Harmony: Both of us came from corporate America and knew we needed more in our lives.  Having kids and being a working mom with a 9-6 is so hard these days.  Starting our own business gives us flexibility, but it also gave us some sanity and let us be creative while getting to meet and connect with so many amazing women!

MiF: What is your favorite fall trend this year?

Kelly: I’m kind of digging the ruffles this season.  Although, it is pretty hard to choose just one.

Harmony: Ahhh I love so many!  Definitely, the ruffles on items you wouldn’t expect to see them on like on sweatshirts and sweaters!  Loving all embroidery too, it adds understated glam and luxe to an outfit! My favorite is chunky sweaters with tie up back or off the shoulder, paired with black stretchy jeans and booties!  Perfect for women and moms on the go!

MiF: What is your favorite item in the current Bailey Rose collection?

Kelly: Mmmm, that is a hard one too…I would say the Promenade Dress.  It is so versatile!  You can wear it as a dress, a kimono, with jeans or shorts, open or closed and now that the weather is getting colder, I’ll be adding a sweater vest.  So excited for fall!

Harmony: We just got some new fall items in and I am eying up the Eclipse Vintage Blue Dress.  It’s a great transitional item for summer into fall! I plan to wear it for my sons 1st birthday on the fall equinox, has this bohemian goddess vibe!
MiF: What makes Bailey Rose and Company apparel appeal to the average American woman?
Kelly: It is fashion forward, while not breaking the bank, looks great on all sizes, and can work for playdates, work, going out, etc.

Harmony: It’s perfect for all ages and all stages of life! As a nursing mom, I find a lot of the pieces so comfortable and easy access for my baby!  Our clothing speaks to all women: it is affordable, beautiful, and makes women feel beautiful and feminine.

MiF: What do you think is the hardest part about being a small business owner?

Kelly: Social Media.  It can really suck up time, but is such an integral part of growing a business.

Harmony: I have so many ideas I want to bring to life and a never ending list of to-do items that tend to get pushed aside.  It’s a constant juggle being a mom and a small business owner.  I tend to be very forgetful as I am running on little sleep and lots of cold brew coffee! I always try to make at least one small step in the right direction everyday.  All those little steps add up!

MiF: If you had to pick one outfit to wear for the rest of your life what would it be?

Kelly: It would probably be a dress with boots.

Harmony: An oversized maxi t-shirt dress with my Birkenstocks. I am all about being comfortable and cute!

MiF: How many children do you have and how does your business life fit into your role of being a mother?

Kelly: I have 3 kids (9, 7, 2).  Being able to take care of and provide for our kids was our main reason for starting Bailey Rose & Co.  We have both worked in unbearable situations and with bad bosses where work/life balance was not encouraged and we were miserable.  Now, we can work and have our kids with us!

Harmony: I have two kids (5 & 11 months). My 5 year old daughter loves it! She’s a mini fashionista and my little helper. And she’s excited that….(ssshhh a little secret that girls clothes is coming soon)!!!!!  She sees me working, shipping, making outfits, and going to events.  It’s also great for her to see the loving community and tribe of ladies we have met along the way, women supporting women is a huge motto for us.  We strive to to create an environment in our Facebook group that is uplifting and feel good.

MiF: What TV show are you binging on right now?

Kelly: Unfortunately, tv is a luxury in my house, usually once a week is all I get.  I did just finish Game of Thrones and usually go through a mourning period when a show or a season ends:)  I’ve heard that the Young Pope is pretty good, so that may be my next one.

Harmony: The Sinner on USA with Jessica Biel is sooo creepy and good!

Thank you so much to Kelly and Harmony for answering all my questions. I hope you feel like you learned a little more about this small business and what it takes to be a mompreneur. It’s not all fun and roses but every moment sure is worth it. And, my favorite part: the women we meet along the way.

Don’t forget to head over to Bailey Rose & Co. to check out their collection and save 20% with the code “mommyinflats20”. I may have gotten this dress as part of a wonderful collaboration but they earned themselves a life long customer. I’ve already been back for more (so stay tuned!!).

Dress: c/o Bailey Rose & Co.  (Use code “mommyinflats20 for 20% off your entire purchase.)

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    1. I love planning my clothes purchases. Being a fashion blogger I very rarely spend money now (though time and effort easily pay for them), but I immediately bought a second piece after trying this one! It’s so well made and can easily be worn as a shirt too. Stay tuned it will likely make an appearance in my next 5×5!!

  1. Hmmm, I should start being more conscious in fashion in regard to who I’m helping out when buying a piece. The only downfall is these pieces are usually pricier but I must say, that dress is super cute.

    1. Right?! It’s a perfect transitional piece. It’s for sure going to be a wardrobe staple this year!

    1. Sometimes that totally works though! I’ve found planning my wardrobe helps me actually wear what I own a lot more and end up with fewer pieces I wear once and then never again!

  2. I love this so much. The dialogue of the Q&A was so easy to ready and really seemed like I was talking to the company myself. I especially like that she mentioned being a nursing mom and the clothing being easy access for the baby! I am also nursing a child and finding cute fashion to wear while nursing isn’t an easy task!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Me too! They’re rocking it. Love this brand. I’m dying for a couple more of their pieces and they’d already be in my closet if they weren’t out of stock!

  3. That dress is amazing – the detail in it is exquisite. I’m going to have to a look at their collection.

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