Becoming a mom is synonymous with the word change. I’d say it’s the biggest change in one’s life. I went from independent, alone, looking after only myself (and then myself and my husband) to having a being who depending on me for every breath. I even adopted some puppies to practice for motherhood. Nothing could prepared me for the way my life changed after I saw my first little girl take her first breath. Priorities shifted. No longer did I have time to plan bimonthly manicures and hours at the mall. It was nappies and binkies and breast feeding, and formula when that didn’t work. 

The biggest worry on my mind? Fashion. Just kidding. But really, you become a new mom, and fashion goes out the window. Suddenly, it’s more about which shirt doesn’t have spit up on it than whether or not it’s on trend this season. Oh how I remember the days of sweats and baggy shirts (like I still don’t have those days) thrown on amidst trying to fit in sleep, nursing, and diaper changes. The last thing on my mind was fashion. 

Back then, I wish I’d had one thing that was totally me, outside of my life as a mother. That’s just what Rebekah Scott Designs gives new moms with her line of customizable diaper bags. From style to fabric to accents, RSD lets a new mom choose every single aspect of her new baby bag. And, for a new mother who suddenly lost a lot of control over her life (how can something so small affect so much?), choice is a big thing. 

Let’s get down to just what I love about my RSD bag. First, there’s the fact that I got to pick every element of design from first snip to last stitch (for those who are counting that’s fabric, accent materials, and design). RSD made it easy to choose with a preview of how each available fabric looked on each style of bag. It even shows you how the black or brown faux leather accents will look. After you’ve done all that, you just have to pick the interior fabric. Here’s where it got really easy for me, I chose “Rebekah’s choice” and let her pick for me. I wasn’t disappointed. She has fabulous taste! 

Stay tuned, coming next week- three ways to wear a diaper bag and never look like a mom (well, the baby on your other arm may give it away but at least your bag won’t!). 

***Use the code MommyInFlats to get $10 off your $100 purchase at (not valid on already discounted bundles or the jet setter limited edition design)***

Baby Bag: c/o Rebekah Scott Designs 

Changing Pad in Tiny Blossom: c/o Rebekah Scott Designs 

Baby Toys: c/o Apple Park Kids

Rebekah Scott knows all about what it takes to be a mom. As an entrepreneur her business employs mothers to help support women who choose to work from home. She could outsource her work and make more money much faster. Instead, every piece is carefully handmade. Part of my goal with this blog is to support small business and provide options for conscious shoppers. When you buy from RSD that’s just what you’re doing: shopping consciously with love. So, get out there and find something beautiful and support moms while you’re at it! 


  1. I love the color and design of the diaper bag!! I use a good old Vera Bradley bookbag because it is easy to carry and it definitely screams mom! It truly is amazing how much your life changes when you have a baby. My daughter will be 1 next month and watching her grow, listening to her sweet babbling voice and seeing her personality start to shine make it all worth it. Sometimes I find myself trying to remember what my life was like before my baby girl! It feels like she’s always been here 🙂 Enjoy your little man! He is a handsome little boy!

    1. I used 2 Vera bags for my first 3 but on the 4th I couldn’t find one I loved and my last bag was worn through the shoulders. These bags wouldn’t have that problem because the shoulder straps are a more durable faux leather material. I’m gifting this bag to a good friend but it was hard. I didn’t want to give it up ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Gorgeous bag! I have two kids two and under. Until recently both needed diapers! We typically use a backpack style cause I need my hands always, but I do love a gorgeous bag. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s what’s great about RSD – they have all the styles! They offer a backpack and several bigger bags too! I love them all.

  3. Oh My Heavens.. That bag is to die for. So I am usually the one screaming, “just take a few diapers and a pack of wipes, thats all we need” but now I want to bag an entire bag, THIS BAG, to be specific. THANKS FOR SHARING!

    1. They have so many bags of all shapes and sizes so there’s all the reasons to pick one out! No excuses needed haha.

  4. That’s a pretty cute bag. I like the style and color. I also like that it’s cloth! Its neutral which is a definite win and looks durable! I would love one of them and I don’t even have anyore babies but looks like a nice gift for my mommy friends.

    1. They have so many other styles for ladies not in the early mama years. I want them all and I’m almost out of baby bags myself…until next time anyway!

  5. I am loving this bag! So cute. I actually need to take time today or tomorrow and got through and reorganize my bag. I can’t find anything in there.

  6. What a cute bag this is! I love the design but I also love how much stuff you can fit into the bag. My kids aren’t babies anymore but they still seem to find all kinds of things to add to my purse so I always need a bigger purse!

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