Have we talked about my wild thing? Well, he has a little brother and though baby Hey J is much more chill, his big brother is definitely rubbing off. Together they make up Thing 1 and Thing 2. The most common *thing* they’re doing is getting into trouble. We’ve been at the beach and there was nothing like seeing those two boys splashing in the waves and chasing ghost crabs together. 

They certainly kept us on our toes. Especially when we went on trips to the park (we visited VA Beach and they have so many great places to go like the Virginia Aquarium, Mt. Trashmore and the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge). I have found one simple trick to help me keep up with four little wild ones (the older ones fall under that classification quite often as well- how’d we end up with 4?!): squeaky shoes from mooshu TRAINERS (use the code mooshufriend25 for 25% off your next purchase). 

It’s hard to lose one when they’re squeak squeak squeaking around the playground. I put a lot of work into growing these children so keeping them happy, healthy, and safe is kind of a good thing. 

When I became a parent, there was one thing I said I would never do: put my children on a leash. My third child has made me rethink that goal time and time again. However, thanks to mooshu TRAINERS, he can no longer escape without leaving a trail of squeaks in his wake. Problem solved (and, I didn’t even have to eat my words…yet). 

The best part? When you’re done keeping track of your child (a little girl at the park called them “tracker shoes” – love it!) and your ears can’t take one more squeak, the little squeakers pop out and you’re left with some pretty adorable shoes. Even baby Hey J approves.

Blue Hightops: c/o mooshu TRAINERS

Brown Boat Shoes: c/o mooshu TRAINERS

***Use the code mooshufriend25 for 25% off your next purchase***


    1. They’re fun and I think their quality matches if not exceeds other more well known shoe brands- don’t forget to save the coupon code for later!

  1. Oh, that’s such a good idea! And they’re adorable! My son’s shoe collection is bigger than mine right now but maybe when he does up a size.

  2. What an interesting idea for shoes for little ones! I absolutely love those blue high tops and will definitely keep these in mind for my son!

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