Rideons c/o Kid Trax; Backpacks c/o Apple Park Kids

How’s everyone adjusting to back to school? I have to say things are going great. I forgot to buy a dictionary for the fifth grader, who is convinced she can, in fact, carry all her books in a toddler sized back pack (I mean how cute is it though?). I sent birthday muffins for the first grader who is zipping through her school books at warped speed (but whom may or may not have forgotten half her books the second day of school). On the bright side, neither child forgot her lunch and we didn’t oversleep (a very real concern because getting anywhere by 9:15 is a major feat for our night owl family).

So, that’s the update for our transition to back to school this week. We are all loving it, despite the hiccups. Even the little preschoolers at home are soaking up the mommy time and we did “school” twice already and I’m pleased to announce that my Wild Thing four year old loves sitting and learning more so than even the girls ever did. We also had fun doing puzzles and playing games. It was so pleasant to just devote attention to one child for once without jealousy or interruption (the tv was keeping the baby occupied though- I’m not super mom over here). So far so good on the decision to share my homeschool burden with our community. Fingers crossed for a great school year.

Minnie Mouse Coup c/o Kid Trax

In other news, this month we celebrated two birthdays. Number one turned double digits early in August. Not to be outdone, the second child has asked every single day since about the first of April how many days there were left until her own birthday. I’m proud to announce there are officially DONE with birthdays for the year. I wasn’t sure we were going to make it for a while there. But, we did and now all children have officially passed through the ritual of turning another year older in 2018. The only one left is daddy and poor guy- being at the bitter end, he always gets shafted on that one but we’ll think of something this year, maybe (I never can top the time we threw him a family birthday in July party when I got all of Facebook to wish him happy birthday on a day that was decidedly not).

Since Kid Trax featured prominently in birthdays this year, I thought it appropriate to shout out to them. Best. Ride on toys. Ever. Littlest one got a “boo car” for his 2nd birthday and has finally succumbed to his fate of being the youngest- always the passenger never the driver. On the other hand, after giving the girls hoverboards for early birthday gifts, we got a surprise package on the front step. A Minnie Mouse car. It was one of those “bank error in your favor” moments in life. We weren’t supposed to get the Minnie car but after seeing that little face, I’m sure glad we did. It might be my favorite we’ve gotten, though the boys are pretty content with their newest addition of a Captain America motorcycle with side car (I’ll save that for a separate post). The arrival of the new toy meant a birthday surprise and a little shuffling of car ownership (the oldest wanted one desperately and now is the official “owner” of the Land Rover though they all play musical cars anyway). Since I’m feeling a bit old and tired and quite honestly overwhelmed, this was the perfect solution to making the birthday extra special without a trip or party. Thank goodness for Kid Trax. According to the newly minted seven year old: BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER.

That’s our new right now, it’s a bit of fun and chaos and a whole lot of exhaustion but we’re loving it. Now, if only the rain gives us a little break, I’m ready to let this summer go. I’m sure going to miss the sun (we didn’t see it enough anyway!) but I’m ready for all things apple cider and pumpkin pie and maybe a little brighter season in life.

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