Sandals: c/o SAS Shoes, Blouse: c/o Thacker NYC; Bag: c/o Thacker NYC

And when I let my hair down, that’s when the party starts. Anyone else a Leighton Meister fan? No? Because, you probably didn’t even know she sang but she does and “Summer Girl” plays loud and long from the radio from May until September in our car. I’m actually a fall girl but one thing I can relate to is a love for flip flops and let me tell you- they’re not just for summer. They’re for any day that isn’t below about 50.

You may or may not know that I used to be a flip flop addict. In fact, before I started this blog I had more flip flops than actual shoes. I still prefer to let my toes hang out in the breeze but gone are all but one pair of rubber Old Navy flops I keep around for the odd pool day and good riddance to them! I have finally found shoes that fit and fit well. One of the brands I’ve come to love over the last year is SAS Shoes. (Check out previous posts here and here).

If you’re going to try to give up a habit, go slowly. I don’t even really remember the day I cleaned out my flip flops but I haven’t really missed them…until now. I decided that it’s okay to wear them if they actually qualify as shoes and these do. In fact, I inadvertently walked over two miles through field and fountain in them the other day (I didn’t document it and we won’t talk about that incident but ya know real life ain’t perfect;). And, the only thing I was worried about was ruining them (nice shoes aren’t meant for tramping around in damp grass) but I’m happy to say, my feet and shoes and even pedicure survived that expedition.

Top: c/o Thacker NYC; Joggers: c/o Aventura; Sandals: c/o SAS Shoes

Here’s three ways to wear your flops without giving into the frump:

  1. Dress them up. Okay, I don’t know that I can call any outfit that includes shorts dressed up but this Thacker NYC blouse makes anything look classy (even my $15 Target mom shorts). These looked just as cute with a wrap dress for Sunday- I just didn’t document that (and if you didn’t take a picture, did it even happen?).

  2. Dress them down. Casual chic with a classic tee and jeans. This is my favorite thing about a good pair of sandals- they take an ordinary outfit and give it a bit of interest. I like to let my shoes do the talking most of the time ya’ll.

  3. Get fall ready. I needed a quick effortless outfit for dropping my kids off for their first day of school and between getting myself and all my children dressed- I did not have time to search for shoes, which is why these quick slip ons were perfect. The Earth may be turning its back on the sun but I’m not ready to cover my toes quite yet. Flip flops can be perfect to transition into leaf crunching weather.

My really round about long winded point is that if you love something, let it go. And, maybe it’ll come back to you. Mine did in the form of the most gorgeous buckled sandals- thanks SAS Shoes ;).


  1. I totally agree with you, sandles and flip flops are totally fall shoes. Well, until it gets too cold…I do live in Minnesota after all. I love these shoes you featured today, the look easy enough to dress up or down. The perfect shoe to add to any wardrobe!

    1. In Virginia it can be warm consistently until Halloween or it can snow ?‍♀️ haha you never know what the weather is going to be like around here but it keeps it fun.

  2. Those sandals are beautiful Jamie ♡. And I adore your pink toenails! Such a cute colour.

    I’m so happy you found cozy sandals that you adore. When comfy meets pretty I’m happy. Super bonus if they’re versatile. That’s the dream ^^.

    I can’t believe fall is around the corner. It’s my favourite time of year too. I hope you get tons of wear out of these flip flops throughout the fall and really get to soak up the goodness of the season!

    Sending tons of love your way!

    ♡ Sara

    1. Aww thank you Sara! I’m so ready to embrace a new season and hopefully make some good habits at home and with the kiddos. A comfy pair of shoes is just icing on the cake.

    1. Haha I feel you! They’re comfy. And I think there’s definitely a time and a place. ❤️❤️❤️

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