Coffee Tee: c/o Mint Julep Boutique; Wide Leg Jeans: c/o Warp+Weft (use code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off); Sandals: c/o abeo from the Walking Company; Jacket: c/o Member’s Only

When a fellow mom says she doesn’t like coffee, I don’t know how to respond. How do you even relate to another human who grows humans and survives without the sweet brew from heaven? Kidding, sort of (really, I know there are mamas out there who don’t like coffee- comment and tell me why oh why?). I really shouldn’t drink coffee and I try to at least limit the caffeine overall but ah those 5 minutes where I just sit and breathe in that sweet aroma of life are pretty much the best moments of my day.

Delivery Box: c/o Step2

So, I think you’re getting the fact that I like coffee. You know what else I like? Clothes. Comfy clothes. I know: shocker. And, especially I like vintage looks. Another shocker. That’s how I ended up with this bright coffee tee and these soft wide leg jeans, standing outside with my coffee and checking my delivery box. Delivery box you say? This awesome box from Step2 keeps your packages dry and safe from the sun (and potential scavengers, I mean I haven’t had it happen yet but I suspect a raccoon or maybe a possum would look mighty fine in that mom-kini I just ordered from Amazon). Now, to train my UPS guy to use it. I know it’s possible because he did finally stop ringing the doorbell, and I only had to threaten death (people were scared to come into my house for weeks after I posted that notice, ah good times). But, I digress, it’s the perfect solution for anyone who needs their packages protected until they can retrieve them (and also makes a good storage bin for towels and bathing suits…just saying).

So, back to the clothes, these jeans. Have you heard me wax on about Warp+Weft? No? Where have you been? They are my favorite denim ever. I kid you not, I spent about six months of this blog exclusively trying to write a post about the perfect denim only to…not. Because every pair I got, went right back to the store. And, I tried a lot of stores. If you haven’t tried W+W yet, you have to. First they’re affordable, especially with my 20% off code: MOMMYINFLATS20. Second, they weave their own denim and include detailed information about the feel of each style (some are structured and others like this pair are made of oender- which pretty much means heaven). So, when I order a pair, I know what I’m getting and on the off chance I don’t (which is par for the course with online shopping), their returns are super easy.

And, the original topic of conversation: who doesn’t like coffee? Definitely not me! How’s that for a double negative? I also don’t not like Mint Julep Boutique– because like my morning coffee they never let me down. So many cute styles often with a southern flare. This tee is super comfy. I got it in a medium for a super relaxed fit but I probably should have done my normal size small as this one is definitely a boyfriend style. It’s comfy though and will be fun all summer as a go to tee and maybe even a beach cover up. Plus, did I mention it’s giving me the 70s feels? I could totally see Donna a la That 70s Show rocking it.

Speaking of classics, let’s get on to the shoes. I recently found the brand abeo from The Walking Company and it was love at first step. They focus on orthotic shoes (for neutral, high arches, and flat feet). When I hear orthotics, I used to think old…and then I realized I’m turning Er…25 (for the 10th time;) this year and maybe I am old. Nevertheless, I want to protect my joints and cushion my feet for as long as possible and abeo is all about comfort. You wouldn’t know it to look at these sandals though since they’re all about style and quickly becoming my favorite this summer. Plus, my husband likes the ankle strap and doesn’t seem to think they look as mom as “orthotic” sounds (comfy is the new sexy).

All right, enough about me, I hear the children calling and was that the ding of my coffee pot? Until next time,


    1. Yes! I love it. Right now we have a covered porch so I’m finding other uses for it but I love how functional and well made it is!

  1. I love my coffee and need my coffee. My day goes by too slow without it. I need it to keep me motivated. I’ve bought few cardigans from Mint Julep Boutique before. I love having comfy shoes that are still stylish. You have to take care of your feet.

    1. Yes for sure! Feet are so important. Coffee too haha. And cozy clothes ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. You look so cute and ready for any adventure! Love that coffee mug too, so sweet! 🙂

  3. I actually don’t like coffee… unless I’m using it as skin care. It smells divine but, in my opinion, it tastes like sadness ?. But even with that in mind I still want your coffee coffee coffee shirt! That is sooo cute Jamie! You look amazing ?. As always ?

    1. Whaaaaaat? Hahaha don’t worry I still adore you ??? Coffee is an acquired taste for sure!

  4. Usually when someone tells me that they don’t like coffee it’s when I havn’t had enough and I end responding with a blank stare, lol. For real, there are so many options, what’s not to love?! I love this cozy look on you, it definitely reminds me of something from the 70’s. So cute!! <3 Nicole

    1. Thanks love and I know right?! I’m living on coffee and a prayer right now!

  5. I don’t like coffee — don’t like the taste. I made it through medical school and residency without coffee LOL. I do however love the smell. I used to make pot of flavored coffee to smell it!

    1. Haha well there’s nothing wrong with that- it does smell heavenly. It is definitely an acquired taste. Very bitter.

    1. Ruth you inspired this look for sure girl. I love rocking the fashion world right next to you ???

  6. Lol, well, I use to never drink coffee but now, with my little one, I do much more often them I ever thought I would!!! It is still mostly hot chocolate but 🙂 Love the outfits, I need more comfy but super cute clothes. Thanks!

    1. That’s how it starts then you end up with me and four kids and almost black ??‍♀️

  7. What a cute outfit!! I am sadly not a coffee fan, BUT I am a tea drinker so caffeine has a very important part in my mom life! haha
    P.s Have you seen those cute door know signs like at a hotel, but for your home saying not to ring the doorbell? Maybe you can get one to say that and to leave the packages in the box!


    1. How did I not know you didn’t like coffee??? It’s the Starbucks cup that fooled me I think. Haha. Yeeees on the door sign- such a great idea!

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