Overalls: the Gleam Boutique; Shirt: old, similar; Shoes: c/o Oliberte

There is something beautiful about life in the Spring, oh yeah it’s the flowers. This year, I was worried they wouldn’t bloom because of the late cold spell we had. But, like they do every spring, one day the trees were bare and the next full of leaves and buds. This year, it feels like maybe they shouldn’t (we lost someone close to us at the beginning of the month- don’t mean to be cryptic but it seems unnatural not to mention at all but too soon to talk about with the world). Yet, the Earth keeps spinning and the end of May is turning rather rosy.

You would be amazed at how this little roadside garden center really looks from the outside looking at these pictures: score one for the photographer (thanks honey). And, you’ll also be surprised to hear the beauty behind this pair of shoes. Recently, I’ve been looking toward shifting my closet to more responsible and conscious brands. That means looking for the words ethically sourced materials and fair trade certified pieces. Oliberte knocks it out of the park with their ethical Ethiopian factories, giving me a pair of amazing shoes and people in sub-Saharan Africa steady, safe work. I love a brand with a mission and this one sounds like a good one to me.

I love this pair because the design is so unique. I have never owned a pair of flats quite like these. They carried me around Dinosaur world chasing after two busy boys so I’m counting it a win for style and comfort. I’ve paired them with everything from dresses to jeans. I love a versatile shoe and this flat literally goes with everything.

Shirt: Old; Denim: old, similar (use code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off); Boots: c/o Oliberte

Bonus, my husband loves their shoes too. These boots are perfect tucked in or outside of jeans. They give my urban man a little rugged flare, taking him from in town streets (because that’s as urban as we get) to hikes in the woods (they would if we took nature hikes anyway).

The Mcnairy line of Oliberte shoes is treated by a wood fire process, which gives off a bit of a smokey smell. They’re gorgeous shoes and the smell should fade with wear. For now, it adds a little outdoorsy vibe to the man’s feet.

I was recently thinking about fashion and wondering does any of this really matter? Who cares what we wear? But, clothing ourselves shows reverence and care for our bodies. In that way, it is important what we decide to put on and what brands we decide to support. Instead of buying more and filling my closet to the brim, I’m trying to be more conscious about quality over quantity. Shoes are a good place to start and I’m excited to be able to share this impactful brand with you. Oliberte: making the world better, one shoe at a time.


  1. It’s always nice to be able to enjoy the smell flowers. I have couple pots of flowers on my front porch that are really pretty. I’ve been looking for a new pair of shoes. When I do find a pair I like, they don’t have my size.

  2. i think i’m the happiest when all the trees are in full bloom. going to the garden centre to get flowers for the family garden and my balcony is a must and i look forward to it every year.


    1. Yes- spring when everything is reborn is definitely a beautiful time of year.

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