Watch: c/o Original Grain (use code OGDAD20 for 20% off and a free bracelet with purchases over $100)

Pocket Knife: c/o deejo 

What do you buy for the man who covers scrapes, teaches littles to fish, checks for monsters, and changes all the lightbulbs? I don’t think there’s much that can show him just how much it means that I haven’t had to take out the garbage in almost 10 years, but I’m going to try anyway. I may not have all the ideas but I do occasionally think of one or two.


This one is a no brainer. It’s jewelry for men. The thing to do is look for unique pieces that make him want to swap out his iwatch (I really hate those things). This metal and wood watch by Original Grain was an amazing find (and right now get 20% off plus a free bracelet with purchases over $100 with code OGDAD20). I love the unique face and that there are options in multiple price points. I’ve never seen a watch with the mixed wood and metal making it a lovely choice for the most unique man in your life.

Pocket Knife.

Every man should carry a pocket knife. Do you know how handy it is for the wife? I can’t remember the last time I had to open a package or take off a tag. Move over Swiss Army, deejo personalized pocket knives are beautiful and functional (be careful y’all that’s sharp!). I let the kids help me choose a fish from a huge drop down menu of designs for the blade and we decided to inscribe it from his Wild Things (baby number 3 is king of the wild things so it fits). The kids really enjoyed being a part of choosing something for dad and Dad says it almost too neat to use- but use it he does.

Photo Gift

Mugs, blankets, or books- we’ve done them all. One year, my little painted pictures and we wrote stories to go with them and then I photographed it all and put it in a book. Yeah- ah to have that kind of time. An easy book is to just collect pictures and then ask the kids questions like “how tall is daddy” and record their (sometimes comical) answers. If that sounds like too much work, a sweet mug that just says I love daddy with pictures. We’ve also made a few really nice blankets on – with groupons they’re very reasonable. I have to admit those are really for me as I love to snuggle up with all the sweet faces.

Home Made Crafts

Framed handprints, art on canvas, a simple card. I find that my favorite gifts to give and receive are a well appointed one from the heart. Now, these sometimes take a few minutes as the best ones are thought out ones (my kids would do a pencil picture and call it done but it’s not quite keepsake worthy). I usually hit pinterest and make handprint trees or fingerprint hearts but a water color is pretty and easy and takes almost no effort. For an extra punch, take a pretty picture of the kids and get a custom mat done (it’s under $10 at Hobby Lobby to have a mat custom cut to fit your artwork) and stick it in a frame! Or one step easier, just buy a white mat and let the kids decorate it however they want!

Things Dad doesn’t really want (but might get you both a laugh):


I mean, it’s a face on a cushion, it doesn’t get much better than that. Customize your own mushion.

Inappropriate Bedtime Story

When you just want them to go to sleep. But, don’t really read this to your children please.

Bathroom Putter

Because we all know Dad’s just in there to escape. Toilet Golf.

Speaking of the toilet.

It’s the gift for everyone. Poo-pourri anyone?

Still not sure what to get? I really liked this round up by my friend Nicole over at Not Quite Super Mom. I wanted to steal her Smart Paper Airplane idea and use it as my own but I just couldn’t take credit. Head over and see what you can buy your man that’s not a necktie but does say you’re a dad and you deserve this!

Whether you go homemade or amazon prime, spoil dad (and granddad) this Father’s day to show him just how much you appreciate every hard working, grass trimming, poopy diaper changing, selfless thing he does.

Post sponsored by gifted items from Original Grain (use code OGDAD20 for 20% off and a free bracelet with all purchases over $100) and Deejo (customizable pocket knifes perfect for every man from the outdoorsy type to the one who opens all your mail). Though the items were gifted, all opinions and content is my own. 


  1. Love the personalized pocket knife. I haven’t quite decided what to get my husband yet. I buy him a present and my girls will make him something. For Valentine’s Day, I had my girls tell several reasons why they love their daddy. I wrote them on hearts and made a picture out of the hearts.

  2. I really like the pocket knife and I think my husband would too! 🙂

  3. I have been eyeing up those wood and metal watches for a while, with my husband in mine. I’m going to go over and browse the options at Original Grain later tonight. I still have not decided on what to get my hubby (despite the list ;-)), it’s a double whammy for me every year with his birthday falling in the same week as Father’s Day. Keep the ideas coming!! <3 Nicole

  4. Loving the Daddy in Flats cameo! Hehe. This is awesome! He did an awesome job and the photos turned out amazing (you have such a beautiful family!) I’m also really glad that you have someone who’d willing to take the garbage out for you forever. That’s too cute! Thank you for all of the awesome gift suggestions. <3 Sending tons of love to you and your wonderful family darling!

    1. Thank you Sara ??? it was a lot of fun to shoot and yes I’m lucky- he changes diapers too!

    1. Hahahaha yeeeees. My husband read it and goes “um were you channeling the song” and I was like duuuuh. That’s where I get half my titles because I really like music but not so much creating titles lol

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