For this post, I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite fashion bloggers to bring you five styles for the holiday season all in on place. What I love about the fashion world is that the same topic can give you such wide results. From shimmering dresses to luxe fur, read on to find my take on Holiday style and then head over to my four friends (links below) to read up on how they’re getting festive this year! 

Jumpsuit: H&M, Turtleneck: Poppy & Dot (use the code MOMMYINFLATS to receive 10% off your entire purchase), Shoes: Rockport (Joy is Rockport)

My third look of Christmas takes a shift from dresses and bling to something neutral and classic. There is nothing quite like a flowy trouser that says timeless fashion. So, how to update a classic? With a trend and a twist. 

The jumpsuit is huge this year and for good reason. Until people figure out it’s impossible to have birthed children and make it to the bathroom in time in one of these things, they’re here to stay. Kidding, sort of. What better way to ring in this holiday season than with basic black and a warm turtleneck. 

I’m loving the sleeves on this long sleeved shirt from Poppy & Dot. I don’t usually like anything with a gathered sleeve because I have broad shoulders (all things being relative) but this one is flattering especially paired with the overall look of this jumper. Plus, this shirt is soft and warm, double win or is that triple? It made me feel chic while wearing workout clothes (anyone else wish it was fashionable to live in clothes meant for the gym? Oh yeah: athleisure). 

I finished it off with this pair of wedges by Rockport (head over here to read my post on JOY or just click here to enter to win a shoe shopping spree). I love the straps, the platform, the color- black velvet? Yes, please! And, as always, I love the comfort. I wore them for a trip around the mall, chasing four children with nary a blister. 

Christmas style can be as simple as this or as blingy as you want (more of that in look one and look two), I even have a few Christmas sweaters to show you (maybe just a peak on instagram). All you need to remember is to stay true to your own classic style and don’t forget to have a little fun with it. 

Now go check out these fabulous ladies in their chic holiday wear. No matter how you wear Christmas this year, don’t forget to spread a little joy like all these women have done all year long! 

Sara from MissesViolet

Ruth from MyLittleNest

Natalie from KindaVoguish

Katrina from KatrinaGwenRose


  1. Jamie, I’m in love with this look! You styled this jumpsuit so classy and timeless and I love these wedges. Have a great weekend and Christmas time my dear!

    Xo, Sara

  2. Love this look a lot. It really does suit you so well. Thank you also for the team effort with the other bloggers as it will be interesting to check them out as well. It’s a great time of year to be thinking about new additions to the wardrobe!

  3. Very cute! I would never have thought to layer in that way, but that is such a good idea for the cooler weather. And a great way to make your wardrobe more versatile. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Jamie, I love that you chose a jumper to style for the holidays! It’s a great option for someone who doesn’t want to wear a dress, and seriously the perfect balance of comfortable and chic- especially with your adorable bun (which is totally on point, btw). I had so much fun doing this with you gals!!


    1. Thanks girl!! This was so much fun! Even if I was the odd woman out with my pants haha. Merry Christmas love!

  5. What a cute holiday outfit! I love that its a romper instead of a dress because everyone assumes that holiday attire means short glitzy dress. This would be so perfect for an office holiday party or even with the kids (I mean, the comfort to actually sit, bend over and run haha!)

    1. Right?? I usually wear dresses for everything- I don’t even own a pair of dress pants but something about this shirt screamed- layer me with a jumpsuit and it was sooo comfy- we took the kids to the mall and to ride on the Christmas train after ❤️

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