Small Business Spotlight

I love sharing and supporting small, local, and mom-run businesses. I love the idea of promoting shops that use that money to put food on their table not gas in their yaht. But, even at that level, not all shops are created equally. Many small businesses do great things and support amazing charities. But, what about a company that’s main focus is to make the world a better place one tagless outfit at a time?

Meet Pintsize and their line of tagless, reversible, insideout wearable clothing for kids. Each item is handmade with love for children who face a world that is constantly overwhelming them. For a child with SPD (sensory processing disorder) or autism or other neorological conditions, something as simple as getting dressed can be daunting. 

Have you ever forgotten to remove one of those little plastic tags from your clothes before you put it on? Imagine that scratchy feeling on your skin all day long and not being able to remove it. Sound distracting? Sounds skin crawling to me. That’s exactly how some children feel about tags. It can turn getting dressed into a fight and leads many a mom to take the scissors to her child’s clothes. Imagine a line of clothing that doesn’t need a pair of scissors, in fact it doesn’t need a tag because there is no wrong way to put it on. Front, back, inside, and out, it works every way! Pintsize creator Cheryl is revolutionizing the way children get dressed.

Let’s take a look at how Pintsize came about. 

Mommy in Flats: Why did you start Pintsize? 

Cheryl (owner and creator): I started Pintsize in 2013 as a graduation project, but it turned into an actual business officially this summer.

MiF: Where did you come up with the name? 

Cheryl: I came up with the name Pintsize because I thought it was a cute way to describe babies/Baby clothing, and I was originally going to package the clothing in pintsize containers.

MiF: What is the future of Pintsize? 

Cheryl: I want to expand to more types of clothing for children to be as inclusive as possible so I’m working on ways to ensure the clothing helps children with all kinds of disabilities/needs. 

Pintsize clothing is cute and unique but it also supports a dream of making clothing everyone can enjoy. 

Children’s outfits c/o Pintsize (visit them on Instagram to see new products or contact for your own custom outfit)

Sweatshirt Dress in Pink

Peplum Dress in Light Pink

PJ Set in Grey

Romper in Mauve


  1. I love this! Thinking about a tag scratching my baby all day worries me so much. I’m like inspector gadget with clothing lol. Cool business!

  2. My now 11 year old daughter has struggled in the past with clothing comfort issues. This clothing line would have been great for her.

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