Alively Box: use code FLATS for $5 off

My favorite pick:

Accessory bag: Hudson Lillian Designs code MommyinFlats for 10-20% discount

It’s winter and grey and gross and guess what? I’m tired. So, so, tired. I also have insomnia which ironically is due to lack of sunlight- who knew? Anyway, this is the perfect time for a little affirmation and self care care of Alively Box, a new subscription box to provide women with just that.

Selling out fast, I was lucky enough to snag one of February’s boxes (available for sale until February 14, after which you can purchase March’s box) and it’s filled with all sorts of goodies to help me (and you) beat the winter blues. Watch on to hear about all the sweet treats in this month’s box. Not mentioned but included is an exclusive video to encourage you on your journey to healthy living.

What are your favorite ways to practice self care? Whether it’s a nice cup of tea, a sweet treat, or some meditation, Alively Box has you covered!

Alively Box Subscription c/o Alively Box

Favorite small ship picks:

Makeup bag: Hudson Lillian Designs (Alively Box exclusive) use code MommyinFlats for 10-20% off your complete purchase

Orange Desire Lip Balm: A V Jorden Skincare


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