My kids have been talking about the Switch Witch for what seems like ages. So, as Halloween got closer, I started wondering what on earth to get them. I was in the middle of a great purge so expensive toys were out of the question. I didn’t even want cheapo toys really because why waste the money. Then, a couple nights before Halloween, I got the great idea to buy them rain boots- they need those and that’s when I discovered Hatley Kids.

They are really high quality rubber with awesome designs (though I really wish they came in big kid sizes in the designs instead of just solids- hint hint Hatley if you’re reading this!). The soles are really well made and I can tell already that they are going to hold up really well.

The night before Halloween, I started to second guess myself. Candy for rain boots?? Maybe that’s not such a great trade. At the last second, I stuck some pokeballs in them. But, the morn after Halloween came and do you know what??? The pokeballs were quickly forgotten. What wasn’t??? These rocket boots. They have not left M’s feet since. He’s even been breaking the rule of no shoes in the house because he can’t bear to take them off- and they’re so cute I don’t even want to (but I may start disinfecting them when he walks in the door just for my own peace of mind:).

I ordered them off Zappos at the last minute. Leaving the boots to arrive Halloween morning (I’m living life on the edge- will my kids have a switch witch gift or live on candy for the next week?). Luckily, the boots arrived on time. Zappos customer service is great. It literally takes one business day to receive your item and if it doesn’t fit? Ship it back, easypeasy. I’ve had to call customer service a couple times and they’re really friendly and happy to help you with whatever you need (plus you get to listen to the joke of the day, which as parents, I think we could all use a little humor in our lives amiright?). I will definitely be using them for all my future shoe needs- it’s so much easier than dragging four kids to the store to try on 50 pairs of shoes. You’re a mom, you know what I’m talking about.

And, when I say he won’t take them off I’m not kidding.

Jacket: Thomas the Train

Sweatshirt: Where the Wild things Are (last year)

Pants: Cat and Jack

Boots: Hatley