Just so you know, I don’t dress up every day. That’s not real life. When I do, I love to pair my lucky brand flats with a flowy dress or skirt and a sweater. It’s comfy. I throw shorts or leggings under the dress because, I’m still doing the mom thing too. In the middle of getting dressed and doing my hair and make up, I’m instructing the 8 year old to do her school work, scolding the 2 year old for biting his 5 year old big sister, and trying to keep a teething baby happy. 

Sometimes, I get dressed up because I have somewhere to go. Sometimes, it’s just because  I want to be doing something other than cleaning up spit up and dirty diapers. 

This week, I had book club to run to. It was hot (why is it so hot anyway? It is November, right? Must be global warming…). I wanted something comfortable and cool, so I grabbed a flowery dress I found on clearance at American Eagle. 

I have finally committed to my diaper bag full time and also toted around my gorgeous Buda bag even though I didn’t tote the baby to the library with me. I’m still loving it. Especially all the pockets. I have a separate place to store my phone and the baby stuff and that is huge. No more losing my phone among the pampers or scrambling to find car keys next to the butt cream. I call that a major selling point right there. 

My favorite part of this outfit, though, is the oversized cardigan. It’s soft and comfortable and well, it has pockets- need I say more? 

And, this is what I was doing for most of the day. Little mister has been so fussy as of late. Well, when I say so fussy, I mean probably 5 minutes a couple times a day but he has spoiled me for babies. He’s usually so content. I just ordered him an amber teething necklace so I’ll let you know how that goes! 

Dress: American Eagle

Sweater: American Eagle

Shoes: Lucky Brand

Baby Bag: Budu