Top Outfit: Tops: c/o Amelia James

Bottom Outfit: Chenille Sweater: Asterisk Boutique; Dress: c/o Gozon (old, use code MOMMYINFLATS20 to get 20% off your entire order)

Jade Booties: c/o SAS Shoes

Giving a nod to my weekend trip with Canadian insta-bestie Carissa (@carissabmitch) with my play on words. Though, I have to admit she doesn’t actually have much if any Canadian accent, I am super excited to meet her and five other of my fashion blogger friends! How have I not mentioned this on here? I’m leaving on a jet plane headed west. I’m east coast born, bred, and stuck so I don’t even know how they convinced me to buy that ticket (my wonderful husband may have had something to do with it- he wouldn’t stop bugging me til I purchased the ticket).

In other news, a huge thank you to SAS Shoes for gifting us all shoes for the trip. These aren’t them (they’re my fab fall booties- that color you all!) but I’ll show you those when I get back (along with probably a million other photos)!! But back to the Jade booties, they are so comfy and I love the seam down the center. It seems to be a shoe trend this year and I don’t ever want it to go away!

I’m keeping it short and sweet like this dress from Gozon (who also sent us outfits for our get together). Awesome shoes, awesome ladies; LA get ready because here we come!!!!


    1. Girl!!! I wish you could have been there too! You were for sure missed. If I ever get over this trip we should for sure plan the next one ???

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