This round of the 5×5 was sponsored and inspired by Free Label‘s wonderful fall collection. All opinions are my own. Thank you so much to Jess of Free Label for creating unique capsule ready fashion and literally making the world a better place while doing it.

Have you guessed that the wrap in my title is a play on words? That’s because the wrap top from Free Label (an eco conscious brand based out of Canada) was by far my favorite piece. I have never seen a top like it and I enjoyed styling it over and over (and in basic black, it’s not going anywhere any time soon).

So, you all. I’m tired. Like really tired. This summer was hard. The kids are wonderful but exhausting. I began the summer (or ended the spring?) wanting to wean off my medications for anxiety and insomnia. Life intervened. I won’t go into it but we had a lot of sad this summer. In light of things (important things), blogging- especially about fashion- has seemed kind of frivolous, but it has also continued to give me an outlet and a focus. Even so, every time I thought of organizing a 5×5 (which includes five consecutive days of getting dressed in planned outfits and photographing them- read more here), I just couldn’t.

That is, until I found Free Label‘s capsule inspired (and inspiring) collection. It was exactly the push I needed to get back on the mini capsule challenge train. And, go figure, it may be my best yet. I managed to make five looks out of basically four pieces and a cardigan. It felt refreshing, classic, and a real challenge all at the same time. I loved every look and more importantly I felt comfortable in every look (this can be a challenge in itself). The versatility of the wrap shirt and comfort of the Sunday pants are what really pulled me through. Anyone can pair a black top with jeans and make it look chic but not everyone has pieces that create interest without accessories (though I added those too). Without further ado: my fall 5×5 in review.

The Pieces:

  1. Black Tulip Top c/o Free Label

  2. Black Sunday Pant c/o Free Label (these are sold out but stay tuned to see what she’ll come up with next)

  3. Black Morgan Tee c/o Free Label

  4. Jeans

  5. Waffle Grey Cardigan from Asterisk Boutique

Three ways to wear the Black Tulip Tee c/o Free Label

I decided to keep this neutral by wearing the same bag and shoes for all the looks. On day 3 (actually I wore it on the final day but ya know- it landed on instagram day 3), I threw on my Jambu black booties for a few photos too (you can check that out here). On the one hand, I liked not having to think much before heading out of the house. On the other, so many shoes, so little time.

Accessories like shoes, bags (this one is c/o Latico Leathers– use code MIF20 for 20% off), and jewels (bead bracelets and circle pendant c/o The Belle Toi Boutique) add interest to a classic wardrobe.

Sunnies (aviators size small) c/o Shady Rays where every purchase feeds the hungry.

This 5×5 worked really well because all the pieces were comfortable and wearable. I don’t have anything to say except laundry. I should have done it before trying to wear a cotton shirt three days in one week (in my defense I did wear an undershirt one day). Otherwise it was a good challenge backed by an amazing brand (did you hear me mention Free Label is an American brand designed eco consciously and and made responsibly in a Canadian factory? Love).

Life is not always full of inspiration. In fact, I sometimes feel like it’s hard to just find the energy to get through the day to day (let alone create something interesting). But, when something comes along that really gives you pause, those are the moments to take notice. For you it may be a sunset, roller coaster, new cinema, or baby chics. As for me? I’ll take a well designed clothing line and some friends to share it with.


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