As a busy mom, I don’t have time to worry if my bag matches my shoes. But, as a girly girl, I do love my bags *and* my shoes. It’s key to hone your style so that everything (or at least most everything) is interchangeable. So, you can throw something on and go. That’s why a lot of my pieces are basic colors in classic styles. Every now and again I try a trend but those aren’t the pieces that I reach for time and time again. The other plus to picking a classic wardrobe is that your accessories can add a splash of color or pattern and still go with everything. 

I’m going to show you how you can take a unique piece like this Rebekah Scott Designs diaper bag (custom chosen by moi) and dress it up or down or somewhere in between. (Check out this post for a closer look at the bag and all the things I love about it- have I mentioned how much I love pockets?! This one has all the pockets and I’m loving it!!)

Basic mom: It’s the momiform again. As much as I love dresses and skirts, the ease of jeans and a tee keep this my basic formula for a casual day. This bag was made for casual days- and babies (click here to see why). It also adds a little something to my outfit that helps me stand out just a little and gives me a nudge in the not so basic direction. (Note: one thing I love about the bag is that you can choose what side you want to be the front. For me, at the end of the infant stage, I liked carrying it with the outside pockets facing in. Technically, that’s the back of the bag but I loved the pleat so much, I felt like it looked good that way too. A versatile piece? What a novel idea for me right!! I love it.)

Sunday best: This is probably my most common going out attire- maybe even more than the basic momiform. I love dresses and this one is oh so comfy and chic (I talked about it more over here). I love that the embroidery on the dress and the design of the bag are uniquely different yet somehow go together to make a beautifully styled statement. And, not a frumpy one either! 

Edgy Mummy: I have to admit I had a little fun with this one (hair extensions anyone? They’re clip on- I have commitment issues). This dress is from one of my favorite new boutiques Altar’d State and I felt like it screamed to be matched with the booties. This bag was just an added bonus. You can be rock and roll and a little bit sweet too. That’s how I feel every day with my little baby Hey J and his Beatle inspired theme. 

You can wear a baby bag without screaming “hi, I’m a mom!” Choose custom, shop small, and stay comfy not frumpy. 

Diaper Bag: the Phoebe c/o RSD 

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  1. OMG I loooooooove that bag – it’s totally my fav color! I literally LOATHE my current bag from JJ Cole. Nothing personal to that brand but they kind of suck for $50. I need his one in my life right now! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. These are so much fun with the customization and they’re so well finished. You would think it’s a big brand but it’s so personal and I love working with small business over big box store any day!

  2. Oh I love all of these looks! You are so creative with the way you put things together. My favorite is the second look, but let’s be honest, I’m usually in the momiform haha.

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