Just because you’re old and your idea of a hot Friday night is getting all the kids in bed before 9 PM so you can fold the laundry in peace, does not mean you can’t enjoy Halloween. And, by enjoy, I do not mean hide your kid’s Halloween candy and tell them you ate it all…though that could be fun too. No, I’m talking about the kind of fun that involves dressing up and pretending you’re something other than maid, cook, and chauffeur for one night of the year (FYI doing so does not really get you out of these duties but we can all dream right?).

Every year, I sit here wondering what to be and some years I throw something together and some, not so much. Here are some of my favorite ways to get into the Halloween spirit without spending much time (or money) on a costume.

Cardigan: Asterisk Boutique (sold out, similar) Bodysuit: Target; Jeggings: Svelte; Shoes: Earth (similar)

Prince Charming Tee: Amazon

Five quick and easy ways to dress up for Halloween as an Adult (without a trashy store bought costume or breaking the bank):

**Please note, these costumes are from years past and so are the pictures. Sorry for the quality but you get the idea.**

Boo Shirt c/o My Amelia James

1. Costume headband. You can find these at craft and Halloween stores and even target. I’ve seen everything from spiders and witch hats to the queen of hearts. Throw one on and get into the spirit without thinking twice.


2. Costume tee shirt or bodysuit. They make costume tees in all sorts from princesses to pumpkins and everything in between. Throw on a super girl shirt and call it a day or be a jack o lantern and never go out of style.


3. Apron. Transform a normal baking apron into a 1950s housewife or princess. You can also find Halloween themed aprons in store or on Etsy. My friend and I share a passion for Halloween so she bought me a fun one for my birthday one year. It’s a great last minute addition and nice to have on hand in case you ever end with a last minute party invitation.



4. Mask. Buy an inexpensive mask and call it a maskerade Halloween. I like this kitty mask I found (unfortunately no good pictures of it and it has long been misplaced). It worked as a couple costume by being an artistic interpretation of catwoman for J’s batman.


5. Your own clothes. Pick something that doesn’t even require a costume. For example, last year, the husband and I went as Pokémon trainers (to match our little Pokémon). Jeans, a sweatshirt and converse. I did buy us Pokémon hats but they were inexpensive and can be worn whenever…well if we ever wore hats anyway.

Other ideas in this category would be: celebrities (J dressed up as Hugh Jackman one year- flannel shirt and done), baby (throw on some pjs and put your hair in pigtails), or animals (dress in all black and paint some whiskers- voila you’re a kitty). 

Hope this sparked your imagination and Halloween spirit. Happy haunting! 


    1. Black cat???! Grab a headband and call it a day! Or a witch? Or chalk hahaha I’m reaching here.

  1. These are cute ideas! I don’t have a whole lot of time for Halloween, so I like the idea of having an easy costume. These are pretty cute too! I like the t-shirt idea too.

  2. The hat and the shirt would be the more suitable last minute costume for me. I haven’t bought a costume lately, but I might use this post and throw something together for next week.

    1. Hope you do! It’s so fun and easy. It makes me feel more festive, even if it’s just a $3 headband!

  3. These are so cute! I LOVE the Snow White one – not only does it look super comfortable but it’s also instantly recognizable!

    A- simplylovely90.com

  4. I seriously love all of these ideas and wish I was as creative as you! My FAV is the easy Snow White + Prince Charming outfits. Love the stylish spin you put on her 😉

  5. What a cute list of Halloween costume ideas for adults! I normally don’t dress up, but if it were a simple and not over-the-top costume, I might dress up. I really like the Snow White and Witch ideas you shared.

  6. This is so much fun! My daughter just asked me the other day what I was going to be, and I had no idea. Now I have some more good ideas to think about.

  7. You shared so many good and easy ideas!! My husband’s Freddy Krueger (sp?) costume came in today, and I’m going to be sticking with a much more simple Halloween outfit!

  8. So cute! I love all these great costume ideas. My fav is the apron or bodysuit. Such a simple way to get dressed up without spending too must time (which, let’s face it, is valuable with toddlers!)

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