Day FIVE: Leggings and Tunics…again. 

I know we covered this on day one but here it is again. Tunics were made for leggings. Leggings were made for tunics. When I’m wearing a thick pair of leggings, a t-shirt or longish blouse will do the trick. However, most leggings call for something a bit more, well, covering. If you’ve noticed, I’m pretty modest. No, I don’t live in floor length skirts and dresses but I try to keep the necklines high and the hemlines low. I don’t mind showing a little skin here and there but in general, I keep that for my husband’s eyes only. 

Here’s where tunics come in. They cover everything and leave plenty for the imagination. They (ideally) come down to about your fingertips or a little longer (depending how long your arms are- mine are short:). 

The Loft has a large selection of modest, legging friendly tops this season and I’m loving it. I was dressing up for my teaching gig (okay I mean the homeschool book club that I began and now run as a mini-literature class- hey you gotta take the titles where you can get them as a stay at home mom). We do arts and crafts so I like to wear something that’s not too dressy but a little more put together than my normal jeans and a t-shirt. 

However, as I was taking these photos I realized it was just a little too warm for anything long sleeved so I pulled out another mixed media favorite- this old purple tunic tank top. It was perfect for the spring like weather and I was able to just throw on a sweater to take it from day to night. 

Check in Monday for my last two outfits and a wrap up on leggings. It’s been fun, but I think I’m ready to mix it up again. Next week, you’ll be getting a peek at baby Hey J, some ramblings on perfectionism and motherhood, and maybe my take on an online only jeans brand. See you then! 

Shirt 1: Loft

Shirt 2: Old, similar

Leggings: Matty M

Shoes: Lucky Brand

Bag: Ona 

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  1. If you are a Muslim female and covet to wear the jeans or leggings then you should purchase a long tunic as well but at the same time you have to be watchful about the length, most of the tunics are short in length. You may need to find it.

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