Day SIX: Two Looks in Bold

Here it is, the wrap up. I meant to do seven days of looks but Sunday is a footless tights kind of day and those are definitely not pants. Now, I have to make a confession, I didn’t love this outfit. The leggings are thick and definitely work for pants but the shirt was a little shorter than I like. Overall, I just don’t love this shirt with those pants and shoes. Maybe it would have been more of a love with flats and definitely with jeans (because that’s how I usually wear it). 

By the way the animal print didn’t really come through in the other pictures but those pants are black leopard (or something print), see: 

That said, once I changed into my Saturday comfy outfit, I loved the black printed leggings…I think. Plus, it gave me an excuse to get into my leopard print early 90s looking tee. Ignore that It says “true icon” because a) I I thought it said “true love” when I bought it-must pay more attention and b) it’s not like you can really read it anyway right? 

So, what did I learn putting together a week of outfits with leggings as pants? 

1) You can get tired of wearing leggings every day. Really, they’re so comfy- who knew?? But, sometimes you just want to put on a dress or some jeans. 

2) Leggings look best with a tunic and/or a long sweater. You must cover your bum for modesty and comfort. You can do it with a long tank or blouse but definitely do it. 

3) A scarf dresses up a neutral legging. If you’re going neutral add a scarf to give some color, I love this because it can go with so many outfits and never get boring. 

4) Go for booties or flats, sneakers give leggings a more casual look but when you’re trying to get out of the mommy yoga pant rut (and believe me I have been there), real shoes can be comfy for running after children and a night out with the hubby. 

After all that, are leggings pants? Or is this just another fashion trend we’re going to be lamenting in 10 years a la stirrup pants and mom jeans? 

Shirt 1: old, similar in black, similar in red 

Shirt 2: old from Express, similar

Leggings: Matty M from Costco

Shoes: Rockport


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