Anyone else a Project Runway junkie? Then Betabrand may be for you. It’s a website that allows designers to pitch their items to you, the buyer. When the campaign reaches the reserve, Betabrand manufactures the piece of clothing and mails it out to you. Some of their more popular products have already reached their quota and are available for immediate shipping. Like this amazing coat by Project Runway contestant, Melissa Fleis

The all-day coat is great for so many reasons. First, you can wear it buttoned like a peacoat. Open and loose if you’re in a rush. Or all buttoned up to add that little bit of style and warmth for your neck. I also loves that it falls away below the waist to show off your outfit. It looks perfect with jeans and all dressed up with your favorite dress. 

My favorite thing about this coat is that it’s not wool and for me that translates to super soft, super comfy, and no itchy rash (because life is too short to wear clothes that make you break out in hives). I mean, yeah, I’d love to wear natural fibers only but for me that’s not realistic and this blend really hit the nail on the head with the right combo for softness and warmth. 

With this spring like weather (in February!!!), I haven’t gotten to wear it much but I sure wish I could because it’s gorgeous. It’ll have to wait until next fall- for once, this outerwear hating girl will be itching (or not) for cool weather to break out the winter coat.

You’ve seen the rest of this outfit here. So, I’ll just link you the subject of this post.

Coat: All-day coat by Melissa Fleis