Today we’re going to count down my five favorite looks from the 2017 Winter season. I spent a lot of time experimenting with my look and figuring out what I love to wear. The verdict is in- comfy. I like to wear comfy. So even though these five looks are pretty different, they all have one thing in common and that is they’re comfy from head to toe. 

5. Black leggings with tunic and Sweatshirt coat. This look is from my “Leggings Are Pants” series. I started this blog to escape my yoga pants and you want to know what? I have. I do wear leggings but I dress them up with a long cardigan or a tunic like I did here. Very rarely will you see me in leggings and a sweatshirt anymore and that’s a good thing. I’m still comfy but not too sloppy and I feel much more put together even when I’m momming it. 

4. Gray Sweater dress with black coat. This outfit makes number 4 in part because of the Uggs. It may have ranked higher with a better pair of shoes- I think they will always be good for a casual day out in jeans but uggs with dresses? No more of that. I do, however, love this swing dress and that scarf. Oh my I don’t think I can express properly how awesomely soft and comfy that scarf really is. 

3. Floral Dress with Legwarmers. This was my Christmas outfit this year. I loved the pattern and it was stretchy- if you remember I paired it with my converse for a look too. I really liked it both ways but this one wins for the more cozy winter look. 

2. All-day Coat. This coat. What can I say? It’s so soft. It falls perfectly. The design is exquisite. I love that it’s hooded and the blue lining though at first I was hesitant of- really adds a pop of something special. Oh and shall we talk about those booties? I’m pretty sure I could live in them. They go with everything winter. Definitely my number one dress shoe this year. 

1. Green Parka with winter scarf and hat. This is my ultimate favorite comfy look for the really bitter cold winter days. I rarely actually wear this much outerwear which is why you’ve seen my sweatshirt coat and all-day coat quite a few times but only saw this one a couple. I loved everything about this outfit and this day. I was with my sweetheart on a date and we got to enjoy a few of my favorite things together- hot coffee, antiquing, and snuggling. I think the standout on this outfit is my Sperry moc duck boots. They’re so comfy and they go with everything (yes I’ve even worn them with dresses- when it’s wet outside- whatcha gonna do?). 

So there you have it. My top five winter looks this year. I still have a few to show you as I’m backed up on pictures (again or still? I think this may be a constant “problem” over here) but I can’t wait to dive into spring with you. 

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