I’m a little behind on pictures at the moment so I’m working backwards (I still have some from Thanksgiving y’all!). I’ve talked a little about how 2016 was a rough year, well, it’s 2017 and I’m beginning it with renewed optimism. Along that vein, we decided to visit the National Shrine to see the Christmas decorations. We did it last year and I think it will become a yearly tradition. 

I love how the Basilica looks draped in red and green and filled with baby Jesus. I love walking by Mary with her shiny foot that has been caressed by those on pilgrimage through the beatifully mosaiced shrines. I love watching the glee on little faces as they toss pennies into the fountain on the way into the main church where God the Father greets us with his awesome power. I feel revitalized when I light a candle in front of the shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes (St. Bernadette holds a special place in my heart as my confirmation Saint and has inspired me with her story of love and sacrifice throughout my life). 

2017 has opened with some hard things. Not so much for me, as for the people I love. It could be discouraging, but instead I choose to see it as God giving me an opportunity to show those people my love and support. I have many goals for this year- some of them more attainable than others- and one of them is to be more charitable in my community. That starts with my friends and family and perhaps reaching out and making a few more. 

I guess by now you’ve noticed that this blog will not just be about fashion and running a hectic household (though I’ve got a lot of the latter going on right now). I plan to share a little bit of me with you and hope that some of it inspires you to come on this journey of self-reflection and improvement with me. 

Okay, I got deep there for a minute, let’s focus our attention back on the matter at hand: my Loft sweater dress. I love it, so comfortable, which can be a challenge with long sleeved dresses but I love the way it falls elegantly in the shift style (have you noticed that’s kind of my shape? I’ve had four babies, think about it). And, that coat? It’s the one I finally settled on for my dress coat. I’m hoping it will stand up well and hey, if it doesn’t, it was $40 (I’m really pretty good at shopping sales- we may have to talk about that sometime). 

Now, the boots. I love my Ugg boots. They’re comfy. They’ve held up really well (they’re as old as my second child!). But, let’s be honest, they aren’t very fashionable. Right now, I’m in a spending freeze. That said, guess what my husband did just before said freeze?? He went searching for an amazing pair of flat-ish booties for me. Post coming one day on that (if I ever finish my epic post on picking the best pair of jeans). Until then, now you know what I wear when I’m dressing for Mass with an Arch Bishop (who I hate to admit kind of reminded me of the sloth from Zootopia, I kept thinking he fell asleep during his homily). Next year, let’s not plan to go on a Sunday. 

Coat: Xhileration

Dress: Loft (similar)

Infinity Scarf: Loft

Boots: Ugg


  1. Actually, he’s a cardinal (McCarrick). If I had known he would be the Mass celebrant we definitely wouldn’t have gone. And the end of his homily with the eulogy for Islam was outrageous. These Islam-worshiping clerics need to read the history of Islam. Our Lady of Victory received her title after the defeat of the Turks at Lepanto in the 16th century. They were planning to overrun Europe and in the process flayed alive the head of the garrison at Malta. It’s the same goal today — a universal caliphate. Hope we never see you doing a post on the mandatory wearing of a burka.

    1. Oh is that what he was talking about because I couldn’t even understand what he was saying. And, I meant to call him a cardinal so that was a typo- oops.

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