You’ve heard me talk about Apple Park Kids before but I don’t think we’ve really focused on just how great they are as a company. I like to say for Jude it was love at first snuggle but for me it was really before then. My sister in law gave me the adorable panda lovie for my baby shower (thank you Jes!!). It was precious and it went into baby Hey J’s room to wait his arrival with a handful of other blankets and stuffed toys. But, it wasn’t until the first time I took it out of the box for play time that I really understood the quality of the little bear. It’s soft, it’s 100% cotton (unlike a lot of blankets and stuffed animals that are made of polyester- a product of petroleum). It’s the perfect size for cuddling and to carry around the house as a sleep aid (and we all know important those are!!!). 

Then, there was this picture that I posted on Instagram of baby Hey J’s first sleep with his panda. It was all over from there. I went back to pick up some more Apple Park Kids lovies and rattles. They have since become a staple in my diaper bag, in the crib, and throughout our house. You can’t enter a room without stumbling over a lovie or a stroller toy and that’s just how we like it. 

Here’s what I love about Apple Park: 

They’re a small company. Though they have bases in Australia and California, they are a very personal business who caters to the eco conscious consumer. 

Their products are natural and earth friendly. Their beautiful toys are made from organic materials and recycled papers or plastics. My children have a history of reactions to polyester so I was beyond excited to find that these toys are made from plush cotton materials. I love that the teething toys are made from bamboo instead of the typical rubber or plastic. Baby Hey J approves too. 

They have a wide variety of colors and characters for boys and girls. For a small company, they provide a huge array of products from boy AND girl baby dolls to Forrest animal lovies and a whole line of farm buddies. There really is something for every nursery and they make perfect baby shower gifts. 

We love our Apple Park baby toys and if you give them a try, so will you! 

Caterpillar teething toy

Turtle teething ring 

Bat stroller toy



Squirrel rattle

Lovies: bat, panda, porcupine, squirrel 

Outfit: Burt’s Bees