Day FOUR: Leggings and Mixed Media Sweaters

You’d think by now I’d be getting sick of both these leggings and the color black but no, I’m not. And, yes I wore the same leggings for all these pictures but confession- I didn’t wear leggings for a week straight. The concept was really great but reality is that even I get bored of wearing leggings after a few days. My point is this- no I didn’t wear these four days in a row, yes with six people in my house, we do laundry almost every day, and despite my inclination to buy 12 packages of these leggings, I did only buy the one set. Phew, I’m glad we got that out of the way. 

So, this outfit. Here is a case of dressing room delusion. That’s what I call it when you try on an item and love it so much you have to have it, until you get it home and realize it’s not you. Actually, as I was walking out of The Loft, I remember glimpsing some similar shirts in a darker palate and thinking maybe I should have gone with one of those. Alas, I did not. And, that’s how I ended up trying on this shirt for this photo shoot and realizing it’s just not me. Thank goodness I realized it before I removed the tags, so back it goes. 

At that point, I decided to try the leggings with my other Mixed Media shirt (if you’re unsure of what I mean when I say Mixed Media, it just means it has two separate types of fabric- I’d never seen the phrase before this season either so you’re not alone). This one is dark gray and that is so much more my comfort zone. 

Here we also come back to the point I made in my Stitch Fix post, I already have a shirt or two in this style. How many do I really need in my wardrobe? I’ve made that mistake so many times- find a shirt you like and then buy it in 15 colors. Well, that’s great that the shirt is comfy and all but how utterly boring. I’d rather have just one in my favorite color that I absolutely love than the other 14 that I kind of like but mostly just bought because I thought I was never going to find another comfortable/cute/stylish shirt again. Newsflash, there will always be something else. To top it off, those 15 shirts will be in the goodwill bag next season anyway (unless they’re tank tops to layer- you can never have too many layering tanks- says the person with 25 long and lean Mossimo tanks). 

Which shirt do you like better? Have I convinced you to try leggings as pants yet? Stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll finally show you something other than black! 

Shirt one: The Loft

Shirt two: The Loft out of stock, similar

Leggings: Felina

Shoes: Rockport

Bag: Ona