Day THREE: Leggings as Loungewear

We’ve covered what you wear when you go out in leggings but the best part of leggings is lounging about the house…and being presentable for the UPS guy. Side note, one time the UPS guy came by and left a pile of boxes. I sheepishly shrugged and said “it’s Christmas” and without missing a beat, totally deadpan he responds “that’s an all year thing here, I guess.” But, let’s focus. Leggings.

These are the same leggings from days one and two, you’d think I’d be tired of them by now but you’d be wrong. They’re so soft. I don’t have a ton to say about this outfit because, it’s just soft and cozy. I did run out to my parents later in the day but I just threw on my boots and a coat and called it dressed. And, that right there is the number one reason I love leggings. They’re good for doing laundry, lounging on the bed, running around after crazy toddlers, going to the grocery store, an afternoon out with friends, and even date night (heck, I think J may even prefer me in a nice pair of leggings- tmi?). They’re so versatile and can really be styled for any occasion.

You’ve got plans? I’ve got leggings for that.

Sweater: Charlotte Rouse, similar

Shirt: Fifth Sun, similar

Leggings: Felina

Legwarmers: Bed, Bath, and Beyond, similar

Slippers: Hush Puppies

Shoes: Sperry

Bag: Budu Baby