Sweater: c/o Addie’s Closet Boutique (Enjoy 10% off with the code ADDIE and check back often as her inventory is ever changing to offer you new options); Jeans (old); Booties: Rockport (similar); Clutch: Vintage  

What is your passion? What do you love? What do you live for? Is it reading? Animals? Travel? The outdoors? Pick your passion and then create your own unique style that embodies that passion. 

For some, getting dressed is a chore. But, it doesn’t have to be. If you love books, focus on fun graphic tees to embody that passion. Choose a character and build your wardrobe around his essence. Now, I don’t mean dress up as Harry Potter (I’m not that ridiculous). If you love Pride & Prejudice’s Elizabeth, visualize her colors. For example, when I read her I see her as a mix of subtle greys and bright florals with a little bit of feminine lace. Sounds a little less crazy right? 

For me, my passion is vintage. I love old things. My house is chock-full of them. My favorite fashion inspiration is probably the 60’s a la Audrey Hepburn (I mean who isn’t inspired by AH?!). My wardrobe reflects that (and the 90s go figure). Not always. Not every piece but my general vibe includes shift dresses, neutral hues, and oversized sweaters. I also adore vintage bags especially if they’re affordable. That’s why this sweater from Addie’s Closet Boutique made it into my wardrobe, the style and oversized fit gave me Hepburn flashbacks and the fuzzy fabric is so fun. 

Another thing I love? Supporting small business especially mompreneurs like Brandy from Addie’s Closet Boutique. In true Mommy in Flats fashion, I sat down and shot her some questions over email. Get cozy (like her clothes) and read on to find out a little more about why she started an online fashion boutique and what defines her personal style. 

Mommy in FlatsWhy did you decide to open Addie’s Closet Boutique?

Brandy: I opened Addie’s Closet as a booth to sell my daughter’s (Addie) smocked clothes. After a meeting with the minds A.K.A cocktails with a girlfriend, we decided that we were tired of paying a lot of money for boutique clothing that we can only wear one season. I mean we are moms, we spend our money on kids not ourselves. When we do buy clothes, we want to be trendy but need staple pieces that last longer than one season. After that meeting, I closed my booth and created an online boutique called Addie’s Closet Boutique that specializes in high quality clothing at a great price. What we call “Husband friendly.” The boutique also gives me an outlet to help moms feel great about themselves even with spit up in their hair.

MIFWhat sets your business apart from other clothing retailers?
BrandyAddie’s Closet Boutique is proud to give that personal touch that most businesses no longer offer. This includes, in person, over the phone or video chat private shopping experiences. If a guest cannot come to us, I will come to them. I hand select pieces for my customers and deliver to their home or office for them to try on. If you live out of state, not a problem. I will video chat your shopping experience to ensure that you love every piece that you order. Unlike other boutiques, I offer ladies Night parties in your home. We set up and pour the champagne while your guests enjoy shopping from comfort. We also offer fundraisers. Your organization can book an online or pop up fundraiser and receive 10% of all sales.

MIFWhat is your favorite trend coming for Spring 2018?

Brandy: I love that lace is coming back. Even on my worse days, I feel like it adds just the right amount of elegance and class. 

MIF: Describe your favorite outfit to wear.

Brandy: I am 6 months pregnant so I am grateful for anything that fits. When I am not feeling like an Umpa Lumpa, my go to look is what we call Delta Chic. I am originally from the Mississippi Delta and our go to for dinner with the girls or a night out is Delta Chic: your favorite pair of denim jeans, great heels, the perfect clutch, and the dressiest top in your closet. If I didn’t feel like a massive cow that top would be our one shoulder blue and white stripe top.

MIFWhat can we expect coming from Addie’s Closet Boutique for the near future? 
Brandy: In the future, I will add the perfect accessories to our collection as well as shoes. 

I love hearing about how businesses grew and women succeeding in the fashion world while having a family (maybe we can’t have it all but this sure gets close!). I’m really excited to see what Brandy brings back next and how it’s going to help me embrace my own style. How about you? Are you hitting your fashion stride in 2018? 


  1. I love the mission of Addie’s Closet Boutique! Haha and the term “husband-friendly” cracked me up. My husband never shops so he does not understand me buying clothes at all.

    1. I buy all the clothes for the whole family. It’s a rough job but somebody’s gotta do it- I also handle the finances so this works well for me ???

  2. I love your idea to fashion your wardrobe after something you love. I’m almost a year post baby and don’t like any of my clothes because I can’t lose the baby weight.

    1. I go through phases like this. It’s hard to not be comfortable in your own skin. I’m currently having a hard time keeping myself balanced weight, skin, hair…ya know life- but feeling confident will help you get more comfortable to make changes. I always say buy yourself clothes for the body you have now and reward yourself when you get where you’re going.

  3. I love supporting small businesses and those that can help us maintain a sense of style in motherhood have my attention!

  4. I love your idea of fashioning your wardrobe after book characters! I can’t say I have ever tried to think of what they wear though. I am mostly a jeans a casual top kinda gal, more out of routine than anything else.

    1. I feel ya! That’s my momiform! I just figure maybe it’s time to shake things up for 2018. I’m thinking of going through my wardrobe and making a capsule. I just have too many things right now! It’s overwhelming.

  5. Oh, this is so fun! I love how you envisioned Pride & Prejudice – I never would have though of it, but I think you’re spot on! Also love to see small businesses highlighted!

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