Whether she’s a first time mom or a mom again listen up because I’m going to run down the top unique baby gifts for a new mom. It’s great to shop her registry first and if she’s a first timer or hasn’t had a baby in a while, please help her get those big ticket items she needs (crib, stroller, swing). But, when all the big stuff is gone or you’re just looking for that standout gift, look no further. I’ve got you covered.

1. Baby Bag. This bag is going to be the new mom’s best friend for next year+ so make it good. That’s why I love Rebekah Scott Designs. Her customizable bags allow you to pick your colors, designs, and accessories to match. I love all the options she has for every sort of mom- from backpack loving to everything *and* the kitchen sink, RSD has something for her.

2. Lovie or Blankie. Apple Park Kids has the best selection of organic snuggly blankets. Get cuddly with a panda or snooze with a porcupine (sans prickles).

3. Baby Carrier. I love a good baby carrier for snuggles and hands free baby toting. Lillebaby has the added benefit of lumbar support and proper baby hip alignment.

4. Soothing baby toys. Toys that play soft music or offer gentle vibrating are best for soothing littles. This musical turtle is my favorite.

5. Carseat Cart Sling. Binxy Baby created an awesome solution for moms to save them from the dangerous or space taking dilemma of where to put the seat in the cart. Great for moms of one or moms again. Makes cramming all the necessities into the grocery cart so much easier.

6. Co-sleeper. Dock-a-tot wins this one hands down. I love how portable it is. And, how much baby loves it, I just wish we’d found ours sooner!

7. Drool bibs and baby hats.

8. Rubber teething toy. Replacing that squeaky giraffe is this adorable teether by Mini Lolo Dragon.

9. Swaddles. Ollieworld offers an interesting swaddle solution. The blanket wraps around baby and affixes with Velcro and then you use the attached band to secure the bottom to adjust to the size of the baby. The Ollie swaddle keeps baby wrapped up tight and secure and adjust as he grows! The packaging is very cute and makes a great keepsake box for holding baby treasures.

10. Baby care items in all natural brands. Some of my favorites are Earth Mama Angel Baby, Burt’s Bees, and Babyganics.

Whether you’re shopping for your own little bundle or a new mama friend to be, check out these brands for a few of my favorites. I’ve been around this new mama block a time or two (or four but who’s counting) and these are fun gifts and sometimes sanity savers for moms and dads.

I received items for review from Apple Park Kids, Mini Lolo, Dock a tot, Lillebaby, Binxy Baby, Ollieworld, and Rebekah Scott Designs. All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post. 


  1. Those RSD diaper bags are so beautiful , trendy, AND useful! Can’t ask for a better way to tote baby’s necessities. And Apple Park toys are some of our favorites around here.

    1. I especially love Apple Park Kids. They have so many fun toys, blankets, and lovies to choose from!

  2. The car seat sling looks like it would be a lifesaver! I think I may make that my go-to gift for new mommies. Gotta keep those little ones safe!

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday with Confessions of Parenting! 🙂

  3. This is such a great list for new babies. We are obsessed with babyganics products! We didn’t really know much about baby products before but now these are pretty much the only kind we buy!

  4. I have seen that dock thing and I think that is great. Things they have available now are pretty cool. I may lean towards items that worked really well when my kids were babies.

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