Blue Hoverboard: c/o Mozzie

Red Hoverboard: c/o Mozzie

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Helmets: c/o Mini Hornit (on instagram)

One, two, three: surprise! Mozzie hoverboards (save $150 on Amazon for a limited time!!!) and Mini Hornit Helmets for the big 10 and little 7!

I have wanted to get my kiddos hoverboards since last fall. Why? I’m not quite sure. They just looked so fun. But, I couldn’t find just the right ones. First, they can be hard to ride especially for children on the smaller side (read my petite ones). Second, they can be really expensive. It’s always hard with a newer piece of technology because they haven’t settled with cost but they also haven’t gotten the kinks out. As the girl’s birthdays rolled around (how is it August already people???), the hoverboard bug bit again. This time, I found the perfect boards, Thank You Mozzie.

When I was growing up (we won’t say exactly when;), the thing to do was ride skateboards. For some reason, this was more of a male activity than female. I had so many friends that skated but it never really occurred to me to pick up the habit- I’d much rather bike. I don’t know if it’s because times are evolving or this product is just more fun than skateboarding (really it is) but I love that it’s a unifying activity. When we get together with cousins- all of them want a turn on the boards– boys, girls, even adults. It encourages active play and though it’s an electronic, it provides muscular activation (believe me- give it a try, balancing and turning will introduce you to muscles you didn’t even know existed). The fact that they’re super portable and fun to play with outside (and in) is just another plus.

We’ve tried several brands of hoverboards over the last year (friends and family thanks for being the guinea pigs yo) and here are some reasons I prefer our Mozzie boards to any others:

B (6 and only 30+ lbs) went from needing a little help to free hovering on her own with a little practice. Being small for her age and having a tiptoe habit (these are actually great for combatting that as it requires flat feet), it did take her a few more minutes to pick up than heavier counterparts. Happily, she has caught on and you can find her cruising up and down the driveway and hogging the Hoverboard (all the kiddos want a turn at family gatherings).

Yellow Sandals: c/o Bearpaw (look out for my review of these shoes for kids- they take a beating and just keep going!)

  1. Self Balancing. We found that some of the boards we tried had a steep, sometimes insurmountable, learning curve because they were hard to stabilize. The Mozzie boards stabilize as soon as you step on and press the button making them easy to ride even for little feet.

  2. Bluetooth Adjustable. I’m not sure if this is a feature all boards provide but we were happy to learn that these boards offer it. You can adjust the speed (these things go up to 12 mph which is fast- so we keep them much tamer for the littles, daddy enjoys the top range though) and sensitivity (to make it more balanced or easier to steer). The biggest plus is the autoleveling feature which goes back to number one and makes it easier to ride. For the fun things, you can also change the light on the bottom- night riding anyone? And, play music through the blue tooth speaker on the board. Dance party in one moderately sized package.

  1. Tough Build. We’ve definitely tested this feature out and our boards have taken a tumble or two which is natural for any outdoor rideon toy. Luckily, the tough design protects the board for all your outdoor adventures.

Speaking of tumbling. We always wear a helmet especially when riding the boards outside. Concrete is hard and little heads are soft. I prefer to protect them and Mini Hornit helps with that. Coincidentally, I was about to go looking for the perfect helmets to go with our Birthday boards when Mini Hornit found us. I love the cool desings and had a hard time choosing just one per kid. My favorite has to be the aviation helmet for the littlest. My bigger ones love theirs as they fit their personalities perfectly. When we opened the box, there was no question who got each helmet (bows for my girly girl, pops for my shopkin lover, shark for my little rough and tumble boy, and aviator for my plane obsessed). Keeping our babes safe is number one and I’m really happy that the kids are just as excited to wear their Mini Hornits as I am to have their little noggins covered.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect hoverboard, you only need one word: Mozzie. What can I say except you’re welcome.


  1. These look so fun! We have been wanting to get some at our house too, but have yet to bite the bullet and just do it. My boys do have a birthday coming up too, so perhaps it’s the right time. Happiest of birthdays to your kiddos!

    1. Christmas is good too?! They’re a great price and the quality is top notch! We love them for sure.

  2. Your pictures are stunning! And this looks like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to try one but I’m so nervous haha I’ll just have to jump in and try it!

    1. Thanks love ❤️ I’ll admit…I don’t hover- I walk but the knee says that’s probably for the best but the kids adore it and so does the hubby!

  3. 🙂 These look awesome and since my little guy enjoys his scooter I’m sure he’d just fall in love with this. He doesn’t know about them yet so I will probably hold off until he’s a bit older and see if he’s interested 🙂 Maybe mommy can get one 😉

  4. Looks like lots of fun! For some reason, my 5 year-old daughter has been wanting a skateboard. She might actually be good on it since she is great at balancing.

    1. Skateboards are great for balance! It would be good practice for these more tech versions ❤️

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