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It’s that time of year again. I keep hoping it won’t happen but the calendar doesn’t seem to want to skip my birthday as much as I do. So, I get a year older every darn time. Joking aside, my birthday is not my favorite day of year. Why? I don’t know. But, instead of wallowing, I choose something simple and fun for the whole family and try to tell the perfectionist part of me that it’s just another day.

Lucky for you, this year I decided to give you a present for my birthday. Head over to Instagram to enter to win a pair of adventure ready sandals by Naot footwear. Confession- I didn’t think I wanted these sandals in my closet- they’re cute but not my usual strolling the mall style. Lesson learned. I needed them. They are perfect for a day by the River or a trip out mini golfing. They give way more support than my birks or flip flops ever could but they’re cool and barely there for summer days. I’m happy to admit that even in my old age, I’m learning new things about myself and my style. Plus, I may not be an outdoorsy sort of girl but no one has notified my four children. I see these getting me through hours of outdoor fun this summer and beyond.

That brings me to a couple things I’ve learned over the last twenty (haha) something (major something) years.

I like clothes. No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to capsule wardrobe completely. I love new clothes- I like the way they feel before they’ve been over washed. I like trying out the new styles and I love a good sale.

Retail therapy may be fun but it’s bad for my soul. I love shopping when I’m bored, stressed, or depressed. And, while it’s a little instant gratification, it’s so bad for my house in the long run. Clutter. Everywhere. And, I hate clutter. They say clutter is linked to poor mental health- and I have to say that one is a no brainer (no pun intended). I’m still working on this one as number one and number two tend to clash heavily.

I love old stuff. Mid century modern is my (and everyone else’s) favorite thing. But, I also love Art Deco and random junk that no one else likes (I bought this bucket lamp thing- it’s completely hideous and I kind of love it and hate it at the same time). There is nothing quite as calming to me as wandering the aisles of an old people store and thinking about the story behind all the wonderful things cluttering the shelves. I especially love a good deal and don’t mind a haggle or two. This one also competes with my dislike of clutter and I would love to own an antique space one day so I can satisfy the shopping for beautiful things bug without filling my house (I mean how many old tea carts does one really need? Currently the count is at three).

I’ve been wearing the wrong shoe size all my life. Wouldn’t you know, I spent the last erm 20 something years buying the wrong shoe size. Or my feet shrunk- I can’t decide which. But, I was convinced for most of my life that I was an 8 1/2, sometimes an 8. The thing is, I could swear they fit, sometimes. I was so tired of blisters and sore feet that I swore off all types of shoes but flip flops for years. Here I am at…my age…discovering I’m a full size smaller than I thought (though I do occasionally wear an 8 and sometimes a 7). If you’re having shoe issues, I really suggest you try sizing down (especially in sandals and shoes that stretch like sheepskin boots).

I’m sure there’s more like how I love children but not always staying at home and how I’m an extroverted introvert. I love planning a good party and inviting all the people but then don’t want to actually go. I like colorful things but neutrals make me happiest. I love clean, uncluttered houses but the hoarder in me must fill up every single corner with all the random things I find and love- a bare wall looks naked to me. I love shoes…a lot. Family is special, the ones you’re born with and the ones you choose. Making time to spend with the people you love is more important than most anything else- time is a gift we’re not guaranteed. Positivity is a learned trait. One I’m working on. Which is why I’m trying to remind myself how lucky I am to be blessed with a birthday every year- however it’s spent. Cheers to Hotel Transylvania, birthday dresses, and comfy shoes!

Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY to win these sandals (there are more colors!!) for yourself!!!


  1. Happy birthday gorgeous! Getting to spend your birthdays with you each year is definitely the gift you’ve given me on this day each year! (and I didn’t even need to go and sign up on IG…) ?

  2. Happy happy birthday! I hope you have the BEST day! I share a birthday with our oldest – so I think we’re having a farm themed birthday this year for my 30th. It’s super fun since a little of the attention is on me, but it’s mostly shifted away from me. Another year better, lady!

  3. Funny I can really relate to wanting to get rid of all clutter… but loving shopping and continually bringing more stuff into my house. And then I have to deal with all the stuff…

    1. Yeeeees. The two things that relax me: shopping and purging. I always seem to do more of the former than the latter hence all the clutter. Ha.

  4. Happy birthday beautiful! I’m the total oposite – I adore birthdays (not just mine ;)). I think it’s so beautiful to celebrate the fact that someone was born! You make the world brighter ♡. I’m glad you’re here! And I hope your special day was a wonderful one.

    Also… I am right with you on the shoe front. These sandals are gorgeous! So excited to enter your bday give-away! ? you can never own too many shoes.

    Sending tons of love your way birthday girl!

    1. Too many shoes?! Never haha. I’m with you!

      I love celebrating everyone else- I think it’s my Leo fighting with my inner hermit- doesn’t like all the attention. I like secondary attention by planning all the celebrations for other people ❤️

      And, thank you lovely! I am so glad you’re here too- your positivity is contagious! ??

  5. Happy birthday! I hope your day was the bestest! I love to shop too but have been doing less since becoming a mom and a stay at home at that. I do love to try new trends too but a lot of the times it doesn’t fit my lifestyle. I don’t wear fancy dresses or high heels that I see a lot of. I don’t work in an office setting to want to to look like a professional. Matter of fact, my job as a mom full time is to be in sweats always ready to run after my son once he bolts! But with that said, I still love shopping. I just don’t buy or have a justification to buy most items! Lol

    Maureen |

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