Dress: Free People (bought for 40% off before the N sale, available at Macy’s in a different color); Shoes: c/o Jambu

The list of fashion trends I jump on board is short: vintage fashion (I can’t believe I’m limping the 80s and 90s into this category) and knots. Okay, it’s probably longer than that (high waist everything, crop tops, the jumpsuit) but not much. I’m swearing off tassels and the popsicle stick bag that no one ever puts anything in (I really don’t understand this one). But, one that I finally caved to is Boho. This is not my first venture into the boho theme but it is the first time that I’ve done more than dip a very timid toe into the pool.

I took the plunge with Free People (how fashion blogger cliche of me), as many bracelets as I could find, and a kick of sporty chic with these Jambu wedges. By the way, I’m obsessed. The cushioning of the rubber soles is so perfect for all day wear that I didn’t even notice that the heels are slightly taller than my usual 2 inch limit. Also, I love the adjustable strap at the ankle and the zipper. Shoes should always come with both features especially for busy moms. I also liked the elastic straps across the side and they kept me on my feet and chasing after children pain free (this is a big thing for me as I am no stranger to foot pain). I paired them with a couple other outfits to show how versatile they really are.

Moto Jeggings: the Gleam Boutique (stay tuned, fall inventory and a giveaway coming soon)

Tee: c/o Gozon (use code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off your entire purchase!)

I think they’re perfect with everything from a flirty dress to functional denim and the motos in between (boho fab to biker chic maybe?). I planned to wear them for a trek around the peach orchard but we were rained out. Bummer. That said, they would have held up for the rocky road and uneven pavement. Wearing them doesn’t even feel like heels and certainly not like the pair of fabulous sporty dress shoes that they are!

Sunglasses: c/o MVMT (use code mommyinflats15 for $15 off your purchase); Cardigan: The Gleam Boutique (stay tuned- giveaway coming soon)

Back to my venture into boho dress territory. Here’s where I confess that I do not love the loose fit of the dress on me (though I’m keeping it anyway because sending it back is too much of a hassle). I’m hour glass shaped. Tee shirt dresses work for me. So do loose, flowy tank dresses. But, I’m not in love with the babydoll cut on my figure (or maybe it’s my age, is over 30 too old for the babydoll?) it makes me look a little boxy (and skimming through these photos inspired more than one body hating moment- why? Why? Why?). The funny thing is these feelings stem from my insecurities versus the reality of these photographs. It just goes to show that everyone has moments and feelings of imperfection (this can be hard for the perfectionists among us- ehem me).

Body issues aside, the dress is gorgeous. I looooove the back- though I did put on a slip dress for modesty (I feel like the coverage was appropriate for stationary pictures but not so much for Church and the adventures of a mom of four). I also paired it with my Third Love bralette that I received during an Instagram campaign (maybe someday we’ll have to talk influencer platforms?). So was this dress a hit or flop? A plus for quality and wearability, still a toss up for fit for me but I think I’ll give a belt and a tank top a try.

Any day that ends with happy feet is a success in my book. Jambu was definitely the winner for this photo shoot. Sometimes a style leaves you hanging and others it puts a pep in your step. Wear what you love and always keep your feet happy.


    1. The shoes are so comfy! I love the color of the dress and can’t wait to style it for fall.

  1. Adorable stylings, as always! I absolutely love the print on that dress and the flowy feel of it. I’m with you on the popsicle stick bag trend, just why? ❤ Nicole

    1. I don’t understand it- let’s call it a picture prop because if you can’t put a lip gloss, credit card, and keys in it, it’s not a purse!!! Haha.

  2. You look stunning Jamie! But I totally feel ya. I’m an hourglass shape too and I usually avoid babydoll styles (and anything too baggy – I have big boobs so I find I just look like a shapeless box if something doesn’t hug my form at least a little).

    But I don’t look at these photos and think you look lost in the dress. You look marvelous ?. I hope you find something similar that you feel amazing in because those colours are marvelous on you!

    Hope you get to trek around in the Peach Orchars soon. Sending tons of love your way!

    Sara ♡

    1. Awww thanks lovely! The second time I looked I didn’t feel as body down. It just depends on my mood. I’ve gained a few pounds as of late and it makes me frustrated sometimes. But, I’m healthy and happy and should concentrate on that! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Seriously!!! What is everyone thinking? Does the emperor have no clothes???? And, thank you love. I’m loving these sandals so much!

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