You may have noticed (or you may not have, though I think I’m up to a total of three readers these days;) that I’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on Maternal Mental Health this month. A couple months ago, I was chatting on Instagram through a Faith and Mama Loop hosted by instafriend Katie and I met a wonderful woman named Kaitlyn. I decided we had to collaborate (her story and her blog are both inspiring). Somehow, a simple collaboration focused on our postpartum experiences (mine heretofore unexpressed, hers documented on her blog grew into a month long series entitled “We are the Face of Motherhood.” I never imagined then how successful it would be, how much it would grow, or how fulfilling it would be to share my story. In the midst of pain and suffering, it is typical, natural even, to cry out “why me?” If my story can help even a single woman, if it can touch a single life, or help one mother who is struggling to find herself again amidst the diapers and midnight feedings, I have found my why.

That aside, my why for starting this blog has always been fashion. I have loved clothes for as long as I can remember. I have loved making myself up and carefully choosing my shoes (from a line up of flip flops albeit but carefully chosen ones nonetheless). I even loved the selfie trend before it was a thing that people devote books to (it’s true- I found a photography book on how to take a selfie, look it up). You could say fashion has become a passion over the years (or you could if that didn’t rhyme in a horribly cheesy kind of way). And, just so you know, I’m not about to change that. I have a couple really good posts coming up (to give you a preview- I’m going to be giving you the cold shoulder, taking a look at this seasons trends, and showing you how to dress up a graphic tee). 

But, until then, I hope you enjoy the not so pretty side of Motherhood that I’m sharing right now. The side that screams for help. The lonely side. The sleepless side. The side that worries that life will never again consist of more than herding children from one mindless activity to the next and feeding them the fourth breakfast of the day. And, know that Motherhood may not always be glamorous, it may not always be fun, it will not win you anyway awards. But, there is no job in the world that ends the day with the joy in your heart quite like being a mother. And, after a day filled with shrieks and squabbles and time outs, nothing fills your soul quite like looking down at the sleepy child in your arms and hearing him say “I love you, mama.” 

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Fashion details are too varied to really include (but all pictures will be featured in upcoming posts) so I’ll just give you the deets on the top outfit (as seen on Instagram):

Sweater: Old Navy

Shirt: Xhileration, similar

Jeans: $7 from Costco: Buffalo David Bitton, similar

Necklace: unknown brand bought at TJMaxx on clearance, similar-ish

Shoes: Dansko

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