If you haven’t read my post on the ugly location challenge, go ahead and get yourself caught up. Otherwise, let’s dive right in. If you’re American (or even not maybe?), you’ve been to Walmart. It’s a great place to pick up shampoo, toothpaste, your toddler’s birthday gift, and a photo shoot. Okay, okay, I know the skepticism is high and I’ll be honest, I’m not sure this would have been doable year round but Christmas is a magical time, even at Wally World. 

So, I threw on my Christmas best with this amazing skirt from Mint Julep Boutique (one of my faves) and headed to the big box store. The results? Festive. 

Here’s what we had to work with (or close to it- full disclosure we forgot to take Walmart pics at the real photo shoot, the one we used had a slightly better setup but the same lovely fluorescent lighting and slightly more cramped quarters): 

And, here’s what you can do with a little bit of imagination and maybe some creative editing too): 

This skirt is just exquisite whatever the light. I don’t feel like the fluorescents or angles were as flattering on my face so I didn’t choose many of those. There were a lot of people there which made the experience a little awkward. Overall, it was a fun challenge and one to be revisited in new locations I think.

This Christmas, challenge yourself to see beauty in unexpected places, you may just be surprised what you find. 

Top: Victoria’s Secret (similar); Skirt: c/o Mint Julep Boutique; Velvet Loafers: c/o Rockport (Click here to enter to win $500 in free shoes!!!)


  1. Another job really well done! My favorite is the first one with the trees and the ones in for the of the colorful ornaments! That skirt is gorgeous and so festive!

    1. Awww thank you Mary! It was so fun. It’s always good to think outside the box- or maybe in this case inside the box lol

  2. That skirt is beautiful. I would’ve walked right by it on the table but seeing it on it’s gorgeous! BTW mad props for doing a photoshoot in Walmart! That’s awesome

  3. That skirt is gorgeous, and it goes so well with that shirt! In a couple of those, I would have never guessed you were in a store, much less Walmart! Excellent photo skills as well, you guys did a great job.

  4. This top is the cutest! I just lived it with the sparkly skirt, too. This would be so perfect for New Year’s Eve! Although no matter the occasion, a little sparkle always makes you feel amazing.

    1. Haha or crazy. You can imagine how many shouts I get whilst taking pictures in public. It’s become a local sport to see how hi they can make me jump I swear ???

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