Cover up shirt: c/o Mint Julep Boutique; Bathing suit: Cupshe; Sandals: c/o ABEO footwear from The Walking Company

Finding a modest bathing suit can be a chore for anyone but so much more when you’re chasing after babies and trying to cover stretch marks. Thanks for that extra gift, kids. So, I’ve rounded up a couple suits and I’m giving you a peek at how they looked on me (I’m being brave plus I’ve lost a bunch of weight thanks to anxiety- read more about that here– I never knew stress would do that but here we are).

My top concerns for a suit are overall modesty, mom function (gotta run after those kiddos without flashing anything that should stay tucked and out of sight), and bum coverage (which goes with modesty but then some because I personally have a bit of extra junk to cover including- gasp- cellulite). Now, I’m not saying these suits are perfect for every single body but that’s impossible. I can tell you that similar styles have worked for me when I was a size 14 too though until recently I preferred a little skirt or shorts. Even now, I usually wear a coverup except when literally in the water.

Oh and before I forget, though I’ve mostly given up the flip flops, this pair gifted from ABEO Footwear is so fabulous I had to share. They have an adjustable strap, which means I don’t have to worry about them stretching out and the footbed is perfect for all day on my toes running after (sometimes very naughty) children. Check out this post to read more about the brand and why I’m addicted (orthotics aren’t just for octogenarians anymore- try saying that five times fast).

Bathing suit: Cupshe; Sandals: c/o ABEO from The Walking Company; Overalls: the Gleam Boutique (these are on the short side and I recommend sizing up, if you have a little extra $$$, I’m drooling over these from Warp+Weft and you can use my code MOMMYINFLATS20)

Top Suits:

Brand: EBuddy $26

Modesty Rating: Full Coverage

Mom Rating: Perfection

Bum Coverage: Excellent

I’m loving the vintage vibe and full modest coverage. I needed a medium for body but could have kept the small for my chest (sad days). I love the cute color and it will be perfect for pool and beach days plus you can’t beat the price. If you need a mom suit this one may be the one for you- the ruching is very flattering for all body types- check out the amazon reviews to see more shapes and sizes in this suit.

Brand: Cupshe $26

Modesty Rating: Full coverage

Mom Rating: Almost perfect

Bum coverage: Excellent

I feel like this one would be flattering on most because it offers decent coverage from top to bottom. The only drawback is that the bottom slides down a little but that could be a sizing issue. It does seem to run large. I’m usually a medium in swimsuits and had to size to small. The bum coverage was great. And, the style is super cute without showing off too much skin.

Runners Up:

Shoes: c/o ABEO footwear from the Walking Company

Brand: Target, old (similar) $40 (bought on clearance for $10)

Modesty Rating: Moderate

Mom Rating: Moderate

Bum coverage: Good

This suit is cute and comfortable and a pretty close second. It covers everything with a peek of skin that gives you a monokini look. That said, you wouldn’t want this one slipping down a tiny bit. I bought it on clearance last year so it’s a keeper but I feel more comfortable using this with a coverup.

Shoes: c/o ABEO footwear from the Walking Company

Brand: Cupshe $24

Modesty Rating: Moderate

Mom Rating: Low

Bum Coverage: Less than moderate

I love the stripes on this and the top is amazing and maybe someone with a little less junk in the trunk would do okay with the coverage. That said, I prefer a couple more inches on the backside both for the back and the thighs. I will probably wear it with shorts. I missed the return window and the husband talked me into keeping it but it’s not the most mom friendly in my opinion.

And, these ones didn’t make the cut:

The red suit had underwire that dug. The second was a nice suit but I didn’t love the flare of the peplum on me (but it might make a cute option for a different shape!). The green one did not have enough bum coverage. The orange and navy was cute but the one I got had something weird going on with the cups- I tried it in small and it didn’t fit but didn’t have that issue. I feel like the two top ones might work for someone else just not for me. The green one is just a no for modesty and the orange one is a no for quality.

Here’s where I have to admit that I don’t go in the pool or to the beach a ton. So a couple $20 options work for me. If you need a really good quality suit, I’d suggest trying one in a slightly higher price point. I’d personally rather have a few cheap options that I don’t mind replacing as I size up or down or just change style (this all happens long before I wear the suit out). Here are a few brands I’ve been eyeing:

Jessica Rey (made in the USA)

Lime Ricki (all woman company- stay tuned exclusive look coming soon!)

Kortni Jeane (mix and match suits)

Whatever you wear, you shouldn’t let the swimsuit (or a little cellulite- believe me I’ve got plenty) keep you from having fun with the kids. Hope this gave you a few ideas and some inspiration. Enjoy the sun!

This post was not sponsored but I have indicated when products were gifted via the tag c/o.

It’s all about suits over here for the next few weeks, we started with swimsuits and have two more categories to go- what could they be?


  1. Love this post. My favorite is your first and second one listed. I need full coverage too on my swimsuit. I own an Asset swimsuit from Target that tucks everything in. It’s black with white polka dots. I usually wear cute shorts with my suit to cover up my thighs.

    1. Yeeees. Although shorts these days! Soooo short. I have a hard time finding those at a comfortable length too- these overalls are a little on the risqué side for me lol but, summer time- gotta embrace it!

    1. Oh you should totally do the bathing suit thing- screw how we look- let’s all just have fun!

  2. You look absolutely amazing Jamie! In all of those suits. Wow ♡. I’m so excited for when it’s warm enough to swim over here ^^. A good day at the beach or pool is pure magic! And you’ve certainly given me summer vibes! Sending tons of love your way darling!

    1. I’ve read that being at the beach is good for your mental health- I need to convince the hubby to move!

      1. Total soul medicine! I wouldn’t be surprised if there were proven benefits (may have to research that for a future blog post ?). If you ever end up on the beaches of Atlantic Canada let me know haha ?. Hope you get to visit the ocean soon!

        1. Lol- all the best people live in Canada I swear ❤️❤️❤️ and I am longing for beaches. Soon I hope but life is already beyond busy so we shall see!

  3. I love that you give a rating for bum coverage. Super cute suits, and you look great in them! I really like the one from Targer and the EBuddy suit. Have fun at the beach/pool with your kiddos this summer!

    1. Thanks girl! I need all the bum coverage. I almost never actually go swimming but I may or may not have gotten carried away with the swimsuits this year. ❤️

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