This post could have been full of pictures and products and things that are piling up by my door to get taken care of. I could have taken 20 minutes to punch out a post and throw up some photos. But, you know what? I didn’t.

Instead, this week is a long overdue dose of Jamie-ology (see what I did there- so witty right?). I love my crazy busy life. I love creating and writing. I love fashion and working with brands. I love stretching my mommy filled brain and putting my PR degree to work. That’s why I blog. I enjoy it.

You may have noticed lately, I’ve been a little quieter. My normal three post a week goal has teetered down to two and sometimes only one. I continue to work with quality brands and post my insta-daily but some weeks, I need a little less media and a little more social in my real life (not that I’m not real as I can be on social media but it’s only a little snippet of me- in person you get the whole mess of a picture along with my wrinkled tees and dry shampoo covered mom bun).

This week when I had an unexpected opportunity for family time, I said, the heck with it and swapped blogging for marathon games with nieces and nephews. Traded in Insta minutes for quality time with siblings. I lounged by the pool and warded off little boy cries of “mommy, mommy, moooooommy!!” I’ll never ever get that time back and I don’t want it because I spent it the best way I know how.

Sandals and men’s Mocs: c/o Bearpaw (use code BPAMBJF for 20% off); Men’s and Women’s Shorts: purchased from Warp+Weft using my code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off the entire order

I almost forgot to add any actual things to this post and we can’t have that. What are my Friday favorites this week? Well, I think only one really worth mentioning and it’s the brand that brings my family together. Bearpaw. I’m a brand ambassador for them but more than that, they outfit my whole family. They give back in countless ways (this month they’re giving slippers to St Jude’s patients, so go ahead and tag your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with #Bearpaw❤StJude). Most of all, Bearpaw makes quality footwear that’s comfy and stylish (just ask my little firecracker girl- she’s the smaller one- those yellow sandals rarely leave her little tippy-toed feet). Happy Father’s Day weekend to my love and to you all. Hold your dear ones close and enjoy the gift of time together.


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