Note to the reader: When someone loses weight quickly it may be a first reaction to comment on her weight whether positively or out of concern. If you are really concerned, please ask in private. Eating disorders are serious and can accompany (or be accompanied by) anxiety and depression. If you suspect someone you know has a problem with food please encourage them to seek help. Please visit the National Eating Disorder’s website for more information. 

For those of you who have known me for a really long time, I’m going to take a moment to address my weight. Partly because I get questions like: “are you eating?” Or “are you okay- what are you a size double zero?” (No, I’m not…mostly anyway.) And, the most uncomfortable “I’m worried about you, you’ve lost a lot of weight.” I’m not going to do a post with a bunch of before pictures or tell you how you too can lose 20 lbs without trying (like Cosmo did about cancer– ya know because everyone wants to get cancer so they can look like a skeleton). Because, that’s not what happened. 

And, I think it’s significant that I post about it during mental health awareness month because, weight fluctuations can be normal with mental health struggles. I sometimes look at pictures we take and think- “who is that girl?” I mean, sometimes I’m like “who is she and why does she have four chins?” – it’s all about the angles people! But, I did not set out to lose a bunch of weight. I did not set out to spend my last pregnancy afraid to put anything in my mouth and nervous because I hadn’t gained the normal weight. I didn’t expect to worry because I lost 5 pounds in the matter of a few days, that my baby would not be getting the nutrition he needed to grow. I didn’t set out to be anxious every time I stepped on the scale postpartum because I worried that the rapid (unintentional) weightloss would affect my milk supply (and is one of the reasons I ultimately- sadly- had to quit breastfeeding). 

Anxiety and depression affect different people different ways. For me, when I had slight depression in the past (never severe- which I think God for as I’ve seen and heard how hard that is) I ate- a lot. I can remember feeling a bit lost and lonely right after I got married. I didn’t have a job, we moved somewhere I had no friends; there were days when all I did was sit in the house and watch tv. Oh and drive over to 7-11 where I’d buy a cup of (sugary) coffee and whatever pastry hit my fancy- sometimes two. I gained 20 pounds in a month. 

After I had my first baby, I was still in a similar situation, except now the option of working was pretty much off the table completely. So, what did I do? Watched TV and washed my donut and nachos down with sugary drinks and topped it off with frozen laffy taffy (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it). It’s not that I didn’t work out- I did. And, I dieted. But, after my first, my weight soared to an unhealthy 172 on my 5 foot 4 inch frame. I worked hard and got down within a healthy range. Then, I hurt my knee (while working out actually). I was terrified of weight gain but too worried I’d never walk again (ya see postpartum isn’t the only time I’ve experienced anxiety) to really care much. But, I didn’t gain, I lost. For the first time since having a baby, I was not only back to, but below the weight I was when we got married. And, that’s when I learned how my body handles anxiety. 

It was proven again after my second baby when I experienced my first round of PPA. That baby weight melted off and stayed off. With my next baby, I was happy and breastfeeding and my postpartum weight loss stalled out at about 10-15 pounds over my happy weight. But, I didn’t stress, I embraced it. Sure, I worked out and tried to not totally binge but I didn’t worry much. 

Until I found myself in a series of stressful situations. That’s when I ended up in the ER for the first time. I was advised by a natropath to do an elimination diet and those few extra postpartum pounds? They were quickly a thing of the past. Then we found out baby HeyJ was on the way. I got off the elimination diet as advised by my allergist (you’ll see I had a lot of doctors by the end of that whole ordeal). Even so, I spent my pregnancy so sick that I never did gain much weight.

After I gave birth, I expected to feel better. When I didn’t, I spiraled quickly into this whirlpool of physical versus emotional ailments. I was in the ER twice. I went to numerous doctors and had phone consults with all the nurses I could get on the line. I had an endoscopy (which showed evidence of damage either from acid reflux or the medications I took to combat it). I quickly lost even more weight. 

Long story short, I’m not skinny because I want to be. I’m not skinny because I tried to lose weight. I’m not skinny because of diet (I do eat gluten and somewhat dairy free and can tell when I don’t follow my healthier diet because of how I feel). I’m not skinny because of excercise (unless running after four rambunctious children counts). I’m not skinny because I deprive my body of nutrients (I go through so many bags of Justin’s PB cups a week you wouldn’t believe).

I’m skinny because that’s how my body deals with anxiety. I’m skinny because I have some allergies, food sensitivities, and medical concerns. I’m skinny because sometimes after feeding the kids third breakfast, I realize I still haven’t had time to eat my first. I’m skinny because if I eat poorly, I don’t sleep. I’m skinny because I am. And, you know what? Tomorrow, My body might decide, hanging onto those extra pounds is a better idea. I always say “I’d rather be fat and happy than skinny and miserable” and I stand by it. Skinny, fat, somewhere in the middle, happy is best. 

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  1. I remember I asked you.. if you are eating well? I know you were eating restricted food because of allergies to your baby. But when there is sudden change in appearance, such questions do come. I am sorry if my question made you uncomfortable. I didn’t want you or any other new mom to be in lot of stress that they forget to eat .. (I did forget during those glorious (!) days.. )

    1. Ah, yes! I appreciated the concern- I think I mostly wanted to share my story- I never thought you made any rude comments! Sometimes, when people ask about my weight in negative ways it triggers my anxiety. Concern and kindness is always appreciated and I have never known you to be anything but lovely and sweet ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thank you for sharing this ! This used to happen to me several years back, and it can be so frustrating. You are what you are. End of story. & yes, anxiety shows itself in many, many forms.

    1. It was a hard share that I think I second guessed the minute I hit post! But, I think it has value in that there are so many ways Mental Health can affect you and some seem positive to outsiders and you can sit there and go “gosh why is she complaining about this or insecure or anxious about this, I would love to have that problem.” The reality is though that it’s not fun- losing or gaining weight (since I’ve experienced both). But, knowing it can be a warning sign to hey “something is wrong here and it might not be physical” could be so valuable. I wish I’d known from the beginning what relief I’d feel if I just treated my emotional self!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I have gotten this question several times. I’ve lost 30 lbs since Christmas but what people don’t know was at times I was super sick and just couldn’t eat. My body wouldn’t let me. Anything I ate I felt like my stomach was going to eat through my skin (hard to describe). I’m now hovering around 135 (lowerest I’ve been since high school) and it is still a struggle to find things that don’t make me sick. Some days I can eat 3 times a day and I am great but others I can barely eat anything all day. But right now my blood pressure and other things look to be in control. Thank you for sharing. It’s nice to know that you aren’t alone. ❤️ Originally back in 2015 I was working to lose weight because I was in the 190’s on a five foot frame and very unhealthy. This time I wasn’t intentionally trying to do anything.

    1. It’s funny how our bodies work. Just because you react to one situation a certain way doesn’t mean that will forever be your response. I used to eat with nausea hoping it would make it better, now I find that it makes me feel worse so if I’m anxious and nauseous, I have to force food. I do it but it’s not fun! One day, maybe the acid reflux will go away and I will be normal again, but today is not that day!

  4. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with anxiety. But I’m so happy you shared your experiences! It’s ok not to be ok and the more we talk about it the more we can all feel better about being open and seeking help when needed. ♡ Your message is wonderful!

    And I also thank you for bringing up how to talk to people about weight loss. Graves Disease makes me lose weight very quickly when it’s active. To the point where weight loss typically gives me anxiety (relapse fears are no fun). And the comments I’ve gotten when I’m in that state, both positive and negative and almost always publicly, do nothing to help. I think it’s so important that we stop commenting on people’s weight the way that we do and know to at least discuss it gently and in private if there is a true concern. You’re absolutely right!

    Giving you a big virtual hug and sending tons of love your way Jamie! So grateful you shared your story ♡

    1. Thank you so much! It was interesting and relieving sharing my story. I have gained a little back at this point (as I’ve gotten my anxiety under control, my acid reflux has improved too).

      I’m so sorry you deal with weight issues. I’ve been on both sides of the healthy weight spectrum and I can say they’re both uncomfortable. It’s something most people don’t think about- but being too skinny hurts just like carrying around extra weight makes you feel uncomfortable. I think body positivity is important no matter your weight. And, you’re right we should all just consider weight an off the table conversation unless the subject brings it up herself!!

      ❤️ you and hope you’re feeling good and staying healthy.

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