Blazer: c/o Thacker NYC; Gauzy Tunic: c/o Gozon; Sandals: c/o Rockport; Tote: c/o Thacker NYC

Last week, I focused my Friday on family. And, not to get cheesy but as I’ve grown in this big blogging world, I’ve started to feel like certain brands are just that. From their lovely PR people down to their fabulous products. I stand behind the brands I recommend because I wear them. And, if I have a problem (wrong size or fit etc), I work with them to fix it. Finding an online brand you can trust can make so much difference for a mom (have you tried fitting rooms with four kids? I have, it’s not fun).

In fact, I almost never go to the mall anymore. What used to be a weekly pass time has fallen away to housework and baby snuggles. I can’t say I miss it (for a while I think I did but I now can think of a hundred places I’d rather go than the shopping plaza). Why would I when everything I could ever want is at the tip of my fingers and it feels like Christmas in June when I see the pretty packages lined up on my porch. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the occasional trip to target (and believe you me, I come out with oh so many more things than are on the list). But, generally, I have found brands I want to invest in and they’re not found three stories deep in Tyson’s corner.

Gozon. The first online boutique who liked my meager (at the time it really was) work enough to invest in me as an influencer. I think I will always have a special place in my heart for them and oh how their selection has grown. There are so many things I have my eye on right now like this lacy tank and this maxi. But, I also have pieces to show you (next week!!) and hopefully many more. I’m still loving the flow of this gauzy tunic (use the code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off your entire order). From their spectacular customer service to their quality pieces, Gozon tops my list of Brands I love.

Blazer: c/o Thacker NYC; Striped Sweater: c/o Thacker NYC; Espadrilles Mules: c/o Vionic; Tote: c/o Thacker NYC

Thacker NYC. I have to mention them because their unique design gets me every time. I love supporting brands who have a story and Toni Hacker is an impressive visionary. She creates pieces that encompass the idea of minimalist fashion while putting out quality that makes the idea of downsizing doable. I love the quality pieces she puts out and the amazing attention to detail (the rings featured on many of her bags are one of my favorite touches- they double as a beautiful embellishment and an alternative handhold). Quality clothing can be hard to find these days but, a well made piece is worth a little investment because you’ll have it for years.

Bearpaw Shoes. Speaking of amazing public relations, I love working with this brand because they put so much time and attention into their collaborations. I’ve had the opportunity to share some of my shoes with friends and family (I even gave my hairstylist of almost 10 years a pair of boots when they inadvertently sent me two but didn’t want me to return the extra pair). This company cares about people and you can tell through their outreach (for another week and a half, they’re donating slippers to patients at St Jude Children’s Hospital for all posts tagged #Bearpawā¯¤StJude on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and through their public relations department. If their quality shoes hadn’t already sold me, this sure as heck would have. (Two Friday Favorites in a row- they must be doing something right!)

Aventura Clothing. Quality clothes, quality ethics, quality people. This about sums up my feelings about Aventura. To give you an example of their brand, their PR person reached out to all their ambassadors to mentor some high school students in fashion blogging. This is a company that is concerned about the environment and about the future generation, Aventura is quite literally making the world a better place. On a personal note, we have a wonderful community of bloggers and I’ve enjoyed teaming up for challenges and group collaborations with this lovely bunch of women. (More posts coming soon.)

Rockport. The shoes. It’s all about the shoes. This brand was the first one ever to send me a pair of shoes to say thank you for sharing. I will tag them to the end. I mean, have you ever owned a pair of Rockport shoes? The quality, the style, the comfort. Just do yourself a favor and head on over and pick one up (plus they have amazing sales- you can often get up to 40% off so don’t forget to sign up for their email list). Plus, these sandals, comfy, cool, and mom friendly- check check and sold.

Favorites in the making.

Encircled. This Canadian brand is making capsuling easy with their versatile designs. Most of the pieces on their site can be worn multiple ways and the classic designs ensure they’ll be in your closet for years to come. Stay tuned next week on Instagram to see how I’m styling their dressy sweatshirt and more soon.

Vionic. I’ve never owned a pair of Vionic shoes before and now I wonder why the heck not? I’m wearing the soles off my espadrilles mules already (not literally because these are so well made I’m not sure I could!) and I’m looking forward to walking many more miles in their shoes.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have thought of going off brand and the idea of boutique fashion conjured up White House/Black Market price tags. No more. Online shopping offers convenience and cuts overhead costs so much. There is nothing like getting a fabulous deal on a quality piece of fashion and knowing you’re supporting something worthwhile at the same time. Fashion can sometimes feel frivolous and pointless but when you trust the brands you buy from, the simple act of clothing yourself can become so much more.


  1. It’s great when you find brands you really love. Once you do, it’s exciting to find new pieces to add to your collection. I love the Vera Wang brand at Kohls. I have a top of hers, shoes, and many jewelry.

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