Women’s Top and Vest: c/o Aventura (use my code mommyinflats20 for 20% off your entire order); Bracelet: c/o Arely Designs (these are my favorite sparkly things right now- stay tuned to see them on my gift guide and don’t forget to shop small tomorrow)

Men’s boots: c/o Jambu, sold out, check out their other great shoes for men

Women’s boots: c/o Jambu

Thank you Jambu for these comfortable duck boots for women. Check them out and use code MOMMY18 for 15% off your entire order.

You know what they say about couples who boot together? Hmm, me neither. But, we are a couple who like our shoes and so when I got a pair of fabulous duck boots, the husband couldn’t be far behind. I actually had a pair of duck boots some years ago but it was before I figured out my actual size and they just weren’t comfortable. Enter Jambu. I waxed on about these knee skimming boots in this post and wore them for our family photos here. If you haven’t figured it out I’m a fan- Jambu gifts me shoes but they’re genuinely one of the most comfortable and chic shoe brands I’ve found (I’m an all opportunity shoe lover but I am honing in on my favorites and these are it for adventure footwear).

Guess where we took this photo? It’s the time of year where a quick grin can’t be faked in the frigid air for long so get ready for lots of ugly location challenge shots- more coming soon!

I’m firmly of the opinion that every person needs a good pair of all weather boots and jambu has so many to choose from. I like the duck boots because they’re warm, long, and flat. I love a good heel (check out this post on the Mayfair boot which is just as water ready but just a bit more dressy). But, for a pair of shoes that’s mud proof and mom ready, I love a flat sole. They’re easy to walk in and you don’t have to worry about uneven ground.

I love that all Jambu styles are adventure chic. You can go out and get dirty and look cute doing it. Plus, the prices are unbeatable (and even better with my code MOMMY18). I love the selection of men’s shoes but they’re selling out quick this season so get them while you can. My hubby’s boots are sold out but this version is a cheeky twist on the traditional boot. There’s a reason they’re flying off the shelves. Whether you get snow and ice or just a whole lot of rain, Jambu makes shoes for your climate and they’re all just waiting for your next adventure.

Speaking of adventures, living in the Shenandoah Valley, I feel like I’m surrounded by beauty literally. The Blue ridge mountains loom on the horrizon and the Shenandoah River flows by. This little spot is one of my favorites though I didn’t know about it a little over a year ago. Considering I’ve been here 10+ years now, you’d think I had a firm grasp of what my tiny town has to offer. I guess that’s what comes of being a home body. I am sure glad I found this though. The view is breathtaking and the adventures are just waiting to be had.

You all for some reason this post reads like an ad. It’s not really, I long ago fulfilled my obligations for these gifted duck boots and the husband’s boots were sent as a thank you for rights to a photo (that we’re proud to see featured on Jambu’s homepage!!). But, I just am loving jambu. I only had one warm weather style (which I also loved) but I can say without reservation that they make my favorite rain and snow boots. So, that’s that! If you need some boots, give them a look see and hopefully our partnership will last for months (years, the rest of my life time) to come and I’ll be able to share Jambu for all seasons!


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