Guest post by A, age 9

Apple Park Kids brings nature and animals to babies and children. Apple Park Kids has a lot of great things like backpacks and lunchboxes. They also carry stuffed toys like dogs, cats, and all sorts of animals. 

My favorite thing from Apple Park Kids is my pig doll named Bella. I like that she’s so soft and cuddly. The Easter Bunny brought her to me. I like to take Bella places like parks and stores. I also like to do tea parties with her. She is my favorite stuffed animal. I also read to her and sleep with her. It is so fun playing with her and I think she is so cute. I love her so much.

You can buy school supplies at Apple Park Kids, like backpacks and lunchboxes. Then, you can bring your favorite friends with you to school or anywhere. I like my lunchbox and snack bag. They’re great for on the go and for lunch at the park or anywhere. Also, the lunchbox and snack bag match. They are both pink bunnies. They’re great for school and are both so cute.

My little brother loves the baby toys. They’re very soft and cuddly great for nap time. There are so many different kinds of toys 

I like apple park kids because of the cuddly friends you can buy.

About Me: Hi, I’m A. My favorite subject is handwriting. My favorite animal is piggy. My favorite color is pink. I like to write because it’s not math. When I grow up I want to be a photographer and have a blog (like mommy and daddy). 

***Thanks for tuning in to read what my babe thinks about Apple Park Kids. If you can’t tell, she’s a fan. Stay tuned because her assessment of the switch witch is coming soon. Though some of these products were sent to us as part of a blogger influencer program, we genuinely love our Apple Park Kids toys. From snugly little animals to snackbags and more, the kids are excited about all their little friends who are their constant companions and favorite sleep buddies. Check back often as I always post about APK’s awesome sales and steals on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter


  1. What a wonderful blog! I love learning about the fun things available from Apple Park Kids and how they are being used and appreciated by “real” kids. Hope to see more blogs by A. And the photos are wonderful.

  2. What an informative guest writer A is! We love our Apple Park Kids toys too, and she hit the nail on the head with her reasons why. Keep up the great work, Little Writer!

  3. Wow! What a fun blog post to read, especially since it comes from a child’s perspective and is so nicely written!! I had no idea Apple Park Kids offers more than just baby toys (or if i had known, I had forgotten). Sounds like it’s great for kids of all ages!!! Great post, A!!!

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